Another Relaxing day in Cyprus

posted Dec 1, 2010, 12:05 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 15, 2010, 10:37 PM by Darren Cannell ]
Dax and I spent the morning with the cats at the pool.  Dax’s school time involved only one time out this morning, yeh.  We had lunch and took off for another adventure trying to find the Vodaphone dealership again for some more equipment for the computer.  Then we drove off up into the hills overlooking the sea to Ayios Neophytos Monastery where early monks had carved their home and church into the limestone mountains.  We toured that and then toured the newer monastery which is still quite ancient in Canadian standards.  It was very peaceful with birds singing and the air was a bit crisper with the smell of pine trees was divine due to the extra height in elevation.  When we were walking back to our car we came across a cat feeding station where you can buy cat food and feed the stray cats.  We watched for quite some time because there were close to 50 cats of varying degrees of size and shape and color and breed.  It was all very fun to watch, then this emaciated dog came onto the scene and my heart broke so off I was to buy the cat food for this poor stray dog.  She was ever so meek and had mange and was even scared of the cats.  When I would try and feed her, she would back away whenever a cat came to steal her food.  Eventually I got some food down into her and the man at the restaurant where I bought the food said that he was going to call the dog shelter to come and pick her up, which made it easier to leave her. 

The extra box of cat food that I bought I gave to Dax and he had fun feeding the hordes of cats and kittens.  There was one unusually striking looking cat with a long haired coat of peachy, mushroom color.  She had these exotic eyes that looked down upon me as a mere human.  She was amazing to look at and I can’t imagine why someone had not adopted her.  It was all great fun watching Dax feeding the cats and Darren breaking up cat fights.  We left the feline scene to drive down the mountain and take in another breathtaking sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.  We stopped and picked up some groceries at Carefour and picked up some boxes of cat food for the cats back at the timeshare.