A Relaxing Day in Cyprus

posted Nov 24, 2010, 8:52 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 15, 2010, 9:55 PM by Darren Cannell ]
Darren has been working his tail off trying to get a paper done for his doctorate and consequently has not had much sleep so he slept and Dax and I worked on all of Dax’s school subjects.  While I was reading I caught site of the tiniest hummingbird that I have ever seen.  I thought that it was a big bee but it was the cutest little iridescent green hummingbird.  I mentioned it to Darren and he said that he saw one yesterday too, I was beginning to think that the one that I saw was a baby, but I guess they grow them small here in Cyprus.  Dax played when he was complete and I read up on the roof top terrace enjoying the sun in my bikini.  Dax was laughing and said that his teacher at his real school never wears a bikini.  Darren eventually joined the living and I was ready for an outing so we packed up and drove around this Aphrodite Hills development and it is bigger than I first thought.  We drove and took pictures for over an hour through twisty roads that go up and down through hills and canyons.  The homes are beautiful and take advantage of the gorgeous views of the Sea and of the crème colour stone that is littered throughout the property.  This really is a large town with a town square and it is only getting bigger.  Many ex-pats are here and why not it is like the Phoenix of Europe.  We came back for a drink and to relax and watch the sunset.  The 4 sunsets that we have seen have been divine and rival Saskatchewan sunsets.  I am growing fonder of white wine maybe because it is hot here in these Mediterranean countries.  I had a glass of white Cypriot wine and some dates another food that I am becoming obsessed with.  The dates here are drier and toffee color and taste more like caramel.  Well anyways you should try the two together on a warm day.