Arrival into Marrakech

posted Oct 27, 2010, 5:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 22, 2010, 10:14 AM ]
The train terminal is very new and modern with touches of Moroccan design meshed in.  We had a driver waiting for us and the friendliness and helpfulness of the Fez people was quite the opposite here in Marrakech.   The driver did not even help us with our bags which is fine because we are use to doing it ourselves and he just did not get a tip.  He brought us into the Medina of Marrakech which is not as authentic or as pretty or well taken care of as the Medina of Fez.  The community atmosphere is not the same either.  We winded into the streets and came to our door without a sign and I thought that there must be some sort of mistake because we were supposed to be at the Riad Nafis and it just looked like someone’s house. 
Well it turned out we had arrived to Riad Nafis and it was very tiny in comparison to the last Riad we were in.  It was very homey and the people were extremely nice but the one big problem was that the pool was literally 3 ½ feet from the door to our room and we did not feel comfortable with this due to Daxtin.  We tried to switch rooms to the 2nd floor but they were fully booked (all 5 rooms).  Obviously I would not have booked this if I known but we were stuck here or lose our deposit.  It all turned out in the end and we are feeling right at home and I even slept well the second night and did not have bad dreams of Dax falling in at night and drowning.

The terrace on the 3rd floor affords beautiful views of the surrounding Medina, the snow-capped Atlas Mountains and the large stork nest at the top of the closest Mosque.  The stork flies in and out and it is quite something to see.  There are thousands of storks here in Marrakech.  Daxtin said that their nests are as large as Teradactyl    nests.  This is where we eat our breakfasts that are included in most Riad prices.  The call to prayer is happening right now and they are live and on speakers spread throughout Moroccan cities and towns.

We made our way to the Medina Square to see a really crowded and lively place from singers and drummers to the Berber beat which is more traditionally African.  There were snake charmers whom we took many pictures of and Daxtin loved this and had a creepy snake wrapped around his neck.  The whole time I just wanted to get the hell away from the cobras and other snakes.  There was a trained large chipmunk rodent type thing and food stalls of huge slabs of meat being roasted for people to eat and stalls of dates, figs and spices to be purchased etc.  Monkeys and mules you name it, it was there. 
We went out to eat at the Kozy Bar Restaurant last night which is a fancy place that required a reservation.  The food was excellent and the Moroccan white wine that I chose was also really good and inexpensive.