Back in Miami For One Night

posted Apr 9, 2011, 2:20 PM by Darren Cannell

We needed to fly back to Miami for one night because there were not any flights from Nassau Bahamas to Puerto Rico.  So we bedded down at the DoubleTree Miami Airport Hotel.  We got in later than expected due to the delayed flight but at least we had cleared customs in the Bahamas so that shaved a possible hour off of our night.  We caught the complimentary shuttle to our airport hotel and bedded down for a short night.  We needed to get up at 5 am again to catch our 8 am flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Dax is truly a delight this early in the morning (no not really, he is a bear and if someone offered to buy him that morning, I would have sold).  We were dropped off at the Miami airport at the American Airlines counter.  Man, is AA. disorganized or what?  There were many different lines and signs and even the AA people seemed confused.  We waited in the check in line up for about 45 minutes and then had to get into another line up to drop off all of our checked bags.  Then on to security which is always a pleasure.  Now Darren has to pull out his CPAP machine at all security checks plus his laptop and so on and so on.  The security on the CPAP machine changed in February.  It is just an extra pain in the butt that is all.