Back to Canada

posted Nov 22, 2010, 2:05 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 24, 2010, 10:55 AM ]
We flew back for Dad’s funeral and it only took 4 different flights, yikes.  Mom was a rock, more solid than you could imagine.  It was really nice to see everyone even under the circumstances.  We had to get organized and sit and work on the Eulogy.  Thank God Kim and Jackie volunteered for that.  All I could manage was a reading and I only managed to get through it because I did not lift my head up once.  One look at a crying family member and I would have been toast.  My nephew Jarrett did the second reading and he did really well.  The funeral was as lovely as a funeral could get.  The day was warm for November and the Minister was really great.  We had many of our friends and my in-laws come from Saskatoon, I was overwhelmed by the Saskatoon contingency that came to support us.  It was nice to see cousins and relatives, but I wish it was under better circumstances.  Losing a parent is so surreal and it takes a very long time to sink in.  It was so hard leaving my Mom but thank God my beautiful sister-in-law Melissa and her baby my nephew Mason decided to stay with her for a few weeks.  We invited Mom to tour with us but I think that she needs to grieve in her own way.  After all she was with the man for 65 years and that is hard to comprehend.  I hope that Mom joins us somewhere along the way on this World Exploration.
I feel strongly that my Dad is with us watching over us as our new guardian.  He is in heavenly smoker’s paradise having coffee, telling jokes and smoking his roll-his-own Rothmans cigarettes right now.  Dad is happy.  He left this world on his terms and I am happy for him.  We will miss you and I love you Dad.