Bali, Indonesia

posted Jan 29, 2011, 2:48 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Feb 11, 2011, 9:49 PM ]
Bali, Indonesia
We landed in Bali and were immediately confronted with a visa that needed to be purchased.  Canadian citizens have to buy a $25.00 USD visa before entering the country.  You need cash and the one ATM was not working.  So we had to give immigration our passports and then they let us out into the luggage area where there was an ATM working to get our 690,000 IDR to pay for the visas.  We then collected our luggage and got in line for a taxi to get us to the Nusa Dua area of Bali, which is an upscale kind of gated community with beautiful grounds etc.  Our taxi ride for the 3 of us and our entire luggage which had to sit on our laps because the trunk of the taxi only fit two of our big pieces cost 90,000 IDR.  On the 15 minute taxi drive to our hotel I noticed all of the roadside stands and stores selling Balinese garden items like large black heads and typical Bali type statues.  I would love to fill up a shipping container and ship them all home and sell a few to make back the money lost. 
We checked into our timeshare which is very nice and the grounds and pools and fountains are very Balinese and very peaceful.  There is a Kid’s club for free and Dax wanted to check that out first and he wanted to be dropped off so who are we to argue with that logic?  Darren went and had a nap and I went to the pool.  I read the Saskatoon Star Phoenix online on my Kindle and further checked out opportunities at this resort.  Spa prices are reasonable for Bali standards so I may do that.  The pool bar prices are stupid expensive and their Happy Hour drinks are for limited drinks so who are they to call this Happy Hour if your drink that you want is still $10.00 USD.  I am not happy so I have renamed it Disappointed Hour.

Dax came back early because Mister Fussy did not want to take part in the Kid’s cooking class.  He met some Aussie children straight away and played in the pool for the next 2 hours.  It is very warm here and the only reason that I wanted to go back up to the room is that little things were starting to bite me and it was dark.  We were also tired from the early rising morning of 3 am to catch our Bali flight, we were bagged.  Our room is very nice and roomy with a large balcony and a small well equipped kitchen minus a dishwasher.  Our bathroom is gargantuan with a washing machine and laundry area but missing a bathtub – shower only.  Someone with poor planning skills planned this one out.  I am really starting to appreciate bathtubs and actually relaxing so this was a bit disappointing.