Beaching it in Bali

posted Jan 30, 2011, 10:15 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Feb 11, 2011, 10:05 PM ]
My brother and his wife and their little baby arrived a day after us so we got together at their hotel called the Laguna Luxury Collection Hotel. Their flight had not been cancelled due to the volcano eruption in Jakarta.  My brother’s friend’s flight had been and he was stuck in Singapore.  In Bali you would never know that there had been an eruption.  Anyways, my brother’s hotel the Laguna is directly on the beach and so we decided to go over to their place.  The Laguna has beautiful grounds and a great pool where many ground floor rooms have direct access out their patio to the pool.  Mason the baby had the flu and they had already taken him to see the house doctor.  The beach was very pretty and the water was very calm. 
We could see other islands in the distance and big ships going by miles out to sea.  Daxtin found a perfect dead starfish and wanted to take it home, but in my experience when you do this they often stink the place up.  We hung out at this lovely beach for the whole afternoon.  Dax went back and forth from the large lagoon pool and the sea.  We had bought him super good goggles and he was trying them out and he has now taught himself how to do somersaults in the water.  He tried for 3 in a row and got stuck half way and panicked and drank half the pool.  It was a vivid reminder on how quickly a child can drown.  He got back on the horse though and did one more somersault just so he would not be scared for next time.  I was quite proud of him.
We ended up all going back to our timeshare for a drink and for supper.  When you stay at expensive hotels one of the downfalls of a place like the Laguna is the restaurants and bars are not affordable.  Kim and Melissa did not feel like spending 20 dollars on a glass of wine again for supper so they gladly came over to our restaurant where an entree is 7 dollars and a bottle of wine in 25 dollars.  I had a great Phad Thai with chicken and it was wrapped in a thin egg pancake like thing.  Mason’s fever was up so they returned to their hotel to check in with the doctor again.

It is now raining and it has rained every morning that we have been here.  It is a good downpour and that is why it is so lush and green here.  It seems like a good time to do laundry and work out.  It is also a great time to do school work much to Daxtin’s chagrin.

The only thing that I don’t like so far in Bali is the mosquito bites.  I personally have not seen any mosquitoes so they might be no seems or something else biting us, but they are mucho itchy.
The sun is back on and we are off to the beach for more time with the family.  Kim called and told me that Mason's fever was lower and he is not as lethargic, good news.

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