Beautiful - St. Kitts

posted Apr 24, 2011, 12:12 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 24, 2011, 2:51 PM ]
The weather here is absolutely perfect.  Yes it is hot during the day but at sundown and at night time it is absolutely perfect to sit out on your balcony and listen to the night birds and watch the stray cats do what cats do.  A glass of chilled white wine is a perfect accompaniment.  Even though the groceries were atrociously expensive I managed to find a Chilean White called Casillero del Diablo – Chardonnay 2007 from the Concha Y Tora vineyards for under 8 dollars USD which is cheaper than I can buy it in Saskatoon.  During the day St. Kitts has some beautiful birds to watch.  These very chipper bold yellow and black tiny birds flit around most of the day.  They also have the coolest nests that hang from the tree in the shape of an egg.  There are many doves that are cooing and there is also a very cheeky species that is quite a little bird.  We watched one that was thinking about challenging the stray Siamese kitty for the can of tuna that we had opened.  The young Siamese cat was a beautiful blue eyed beige cat of perfect chocolate brown symmetrical coloring to her ears, paws and tail.  She looked like a little small headed alien with her unnatural blue eyes.

We went for a drive going north up the Caribbean side of St. Kitts.  Our plan was to drive around the entire island.  After experiencing the main road I pulled rank and we decided to turn around after driving about one hour.  We managed to get as far as Sandy Point Town.  We made two stops along the way and our first stop was the Caribelle Batik, which is set in amongst the Romney Manor ruins.  Caribelle Batik is set up in the rain forest so the scenery is grand.  The batik pieces here are very pretty and decently priced, there are also Batik making demonstrations to watch if you have never seen this before.  We have seen these demos in India and Bali and are quite interesting.  We took some photos of the ruins of the old sugar mill and of Romney Manor and drove on towards Brimstone Hill Fortress which is over 300 years old.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the finest examples of British military architecture in the world.  Unfortunately by the time we drove up there they had just closed (darn my husband’s sleeping in addiction).  At that point we turned the car around and headed home back to the Marriott.
Yesterday at the pool must have been Marriott Employee Family day becasue there was about 20 kids extra in the pool and Dax had a blast playing with them for about 4 hours.  He made some friends and graciously shared his snorkeling goggles and inner tube toys.  Every little boy and girl had a turn with all of the pool gadgets of Dax's and I was quite proud of him.
 We woke up to Easter morning and the Marriott St. Kitts had an Easter egg hunt that you could sign your children up for.  Dax did well with a whole shopping bag full of treats and eggs.  He also received a new shovel and pail with a monkey stuffy and a freshly baked cookie which he shared with his Dad and I.  This was all courtesy of the Marriott with a fee of course of 10 USD but it was well worth it.  The Easter Bunny also found Daxtin in St. Kitts and left some hidden goodies in our timeshare.

St. Kitts Island