Beautiful Views of St. Kitts and Its Sister Island of Nevis

posted Apr 24, 2011, 12:04 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 24, 2011, 2:43 PM ]
The views here are incredible no matter what part of the island that you may be at.  Nevis is only 7 kms away so move a mile or so and your beautiful view is back again.  Because St. Kitts is so narrow at the southern peninsula you can see both the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in one glance.  Believe it or not the Atlantic beaches are prettier than the Caribbean beaches on this relatively new volcanic island.  Black or black speckled sand beaches are pretty normal here and about one zillion degrees hotter to step on than you want them to be.  I could not walk down to our Atlantic beach without my flip-flops, it was too painful without them.

The Marriott is located in Frigate Bay and it is very pretty here with grand houses climbing their way up to the tops of the mountain elevations.  The style of the homes here have sweeping balconies that wrap around the whole house and the colors of the homes are very Caribbean bright and cheerful in color.
Driving back into Basseterre you can usually catch a glimpse of a cruise ship in the terminal and they seem to float unnaturally high up on the water.  The Celebrity Summit was here on Monday and that was the ship that first brought us to St. Kitts earlier in the month.  There is a train that runs when cruise ships are in and it is called the Sugar Train.  It takes passengers completely around the island and it use to transport sugar.  St. Kitts was first settled by the French in 1620 for military reasons and to feed the ever increasing sweet tooth of the Europeans.  Slaves were brought in to work the Sugar plantations and human flesh was bought and sold in the capital of Basseterre.  It makes you sick to think of it but this is part of the history of St. Kitts and the history of most of the Caribbean islands.