Birdlife, Wildlife and Buglife and Civilization

posted Dec 11, 2010, 9:29 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Dec 15, 2010, 10:55 PM ]

The night that we got home from Kruger National Park there were monkeys on our front terrace for us to watch.  They were so entertaining.  One of them scaled the brick wall to the top of our thatch roof and cleaned out the bird nest of all of its eggs.  Another adolescent came by for us to stare at and he was staring right back at us.  A mom came by with her baby and he was so sweet and I got a great shot of him. 
The birdlife is spectacular and every bird is interesting to look upon.  The colors are startling turquoises, reds and oranges.  You could get into serious birding here in South Africa and be very well entertained by the pretty birds and then there are the ugly birds like the buzzards etc.  The buglife could drive me buggy here in the Hazyview area.  We are essentially in the rainforest and so with that and the humidity comes a very prolific bug life from a kazillion ants, roaches, huge airplane like flying things that are as dumb as posts, June bug type bugs, not very many mosquitoes thank God and you name it it here in this country.

A comment on the civilization is a bit different than good old Saskatoon.  To give you an example:  I woke one morning to discover that there wasn’t any water coming out of the taps, I called down to the main reception and she apologized and within minutes it was back to running water.  The next morning the same thing happened only this time she apologized and told me that the municipality had closed the water off and she had no idea when it was coming back.  Only in Africa, I thought.  We did not get water restored for 24 hours so it was like camping only ickier.  We did get water back the next morning only you could not bathe in it because it was extremely brown, but I just had to wash my face in God only knows what kind of water it was.  It gives you some sort of appreciation for the city workers in Saskatoon  who keep our water running, ha.