Day 2 Cairo

posted Dec 25, 2010, 7:46 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Dec 25, 2010, 11:06 PM ]
We had a wakeup call for 3:30 am to be ready for our 4:30 pick up for our early morning camel rides alongside the pyramids.  We drove to some stables in the middle of the city to see and pet and feed some pure Arabian horses.  We then got on our camels which I named mine Madonna and we walked past a very stinky dump and then up onto the sand dunes.  It was very cold and you needed mitts.  I still am not sure why we had to go so fricken early, Darren had arranged the pickup time with Raed and it was supposedly to see the sun come up.  Who cares???  Anyways you get into the rhythm of walking with this huge beast and eventually you don’t have to hang on so tight or at all.  I had my hands in my pockets most of the time, because my hands were so cold.  Getting on and getting off of the camel is a bit daunting at first.  You have to lean back while you are in the saddle and then you get thrown forward as the animal gets down to laying position so you can dismount or get on.  We walked up to a desert nomad camp and had mint tea.  I like mint tea so I drank the whole glass and it also warmed me up.  There were a ton of stray dogs and their pups so we were kind of playing with them.  We took pictures of the sun coming up over the sand dunes and then went to our guide’s apartment for a quick packaged breakfast which I could not eat and I can eat anything.

We later went to the Museum of Cairo.  The crowds here were unbelievable, I felt like I was at a rock concert and I could not wait to get out of there.  It had an unbelievable amount of Egyptian antiquities under its roof, which so happens to be a past palace.  It was a shame that the museum is so grossly unorganized, filthy and the presentation of the artefacts is so in disrepair or disorganization.  The Egyptian Minister of Tourism needs to take some notice of this museum and clean it up or get a manager of the place that knows what he is doing.  It was actually quite shameful how badly the building is falling apart and how completely dirty it was.  It honestly looked like the museum floors had not been cleaned in about 3 years.  You are not allowed to take your cameras in either, so I do not have one picture of the museum.  How do you get a collection of some of the World’s greatest treasures and no one seems to be taking care of them.  It was quite astounding really.  We went back to the hotel completely exhausted and slept.