Day 4 The Red Fort or Fort of Agra or Palace in Agra, India

posted Jan 8, 2011, 7:39 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Jan 21, 2011, 6:57 PM ]
This is also a UNESCO World Heritage site like all of these major sites in India. 
The Shaw Jahan had this palace built for his family and it is made entirely of red sandstone and is quite beautiful and it resides in the city of Agra.  Only 20% of the Red Fort is open to visitors the other 80% is occupied by the army which is a shame.  We got to view where the Shaw was imprisoned and it was stunning with all of its ornate carvings and inlaid semi-precious stones.  He had views of the river and the Taj Mahal where his beloved lay entombed; however, we could not see the Taj due to the fog.  We did see a dog swimming across the river and we were cheering him on.  The crows were circling him or her and trying to peck his or her eyes out.  You have no idea how many dogs reside in India but nothing can be done because they don’t believe in spaying them or don’t have the money to.  They are one type of breed that we don’t have in Canada.  All of the dogs are friendly or skittish.

There are monkeys all over the place at the Red Fort and we were given a show of a male mating with his wife who was holding onto her baby to her chest.  Dax got a great picture of the Monkey with this big hideous grin (men in the animal kingdom are all the same).  The monkeys are taking over Agra and are becoming quite aggressive and stealing food out of people’s hands and houses through the open windows.  The monkeys don’t have to worry because the monkeys too are worshipped.  They were sure freezing their little butts off at the Fort that morning.  They too were also not use to the cold.  Every Indian person that we saw was wrapped in a shawl or sari or scarf to ward off the unusual cold.  I believe that this is a product of Global Warming and with a country with over one billion people this is going to become a huge problem because the poor do not have the means to keep their homes warm.  There are fires going continuously along the main roads and all roads to ward off the cold, this adds to the already polluted air.