Dingly Cliffs and Mellieha Bay

posted Nov 22, 2010, 6:49 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 26, 2010, 4:39 AM ]
These  vomit- enducing straight- the- hell down to the sea cliffs were quite scary to drive on because the curb was a mere 12 inches high and any minute you can plunge to your death.  I did not breathe until Darren had safely parked the car near a spot that only had a mere 25 metre drop and it was a beautiful spot to take pictures.  There was an ancient Roman Ruin of a villa half way down one of the cliffs and I wondered to myself who the hell would build a house there?  I guess it would appeal to some crazy – ass hermit, Roman dude but not me; it was cool and windy and brooding overlooking the rough side of the Mediterranean Sea and I was glad to leave the place and go back to the timeshare.  We found a little beach bar set up on the cliff overlooking the sea just down from the Radisson and Nadine got to taste Maltese wine.  It was very good, very cheap and they sell it in half bottles which is a perfect size.
On our last full day in the timeshare at the Radisson we ventured north to Mellieha Bay which is a lovely place to hang out for a day.  There were absolutely no waves and it was great for Daxtin to play in the sand and water because he is not a great swimmer yet.  He played for hours and we watched from the near by watering hole.  I tried another Maltese white wine and Darren had his daily fix of Diet Coke.  I spotted a brown miniture poodle and grabbed Dax and took off to see this dog.  We miss our poodle Cuba terribly so we needed a dog fix.  The poodle belonged to some American ex-pats who were transferred into Malta and they got the little poodle from the pound in Valletta, Malta.  We talked and shared poodle stories for quite some time, she was a really nice lady and obviously missing female companionship as well.
After a lovely warm day at the beach we spotted a Red Tower up on the cliff and drove up to it.  It turned out to be St. Agatha's Red Tower, which use to be a look out tower to warn Valletta of oncoming ships.  We also spotted a round house which is an ancient Maltese dwelling place. We explored the area and realized that up top where we were had great views of surrounding islands of Gozo and Comino.  You can take a ferry to these islands but we never got to it.  We will see these the next time we come to these awesome Maltese Islands.