Disney and the American Crisis

posted Oct 6, 2010, 4:06 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Oct 6, 2010, 5:09 AM ]

Have you ever seen the Disney children’s movie Wall-E?  One only needs to view this movie and begin to see the truth of the North American culture shining through in this animated film.  Wall-E is a robot –trash compactor on a dead planet Earth.  The humans are in a floating spaceship above this dead planet and they use Earth as a dumping ground (sound familiar).  Walle cleans up after them and builds garbage compacted blocks into huge block cities.  Wall-E eventually saves the human species from their own demise.

The humans in this film are too obese to walk and they fly around in little hover craft chairs.  They eat all day and just keep getting bigger.  They are unfulfilled, fat blobs that don’t even know that they are slaves to their own stomachs.  When I saw this film it was a great kick-start to a diet.  I was disgusted by my own gluttony.  

Disney World brought this movie back in glaring flashbacks.  I travel allot and I have never seen obesity on such a large scale as the four Disney parks in Orlando, Florida.  My six year old even asked the question “why are so many people driving scooters”?  My reply was that they are usually for the elderly or infirm.  Not at Disney, they are for big people.  We saw whole families that were scooting around and their combined weight was on a colossal scale.  Generational obesity is alive and well in America and it is appalling and abusive.  I saw a young girl pushing 300 pounds in her scooter and her mother also in a scooter was shoving ice cream in her daughter’s face plus other fattening treats.  I have never seen anything quite like this and I hope to never again.  Disney has been a great kick-start to my World Tour.  I have already lost 3 pounds.  We are now in Europe and people walk and bike and take public transit and they are skinny but they smoke too much.  Oh well.