Driving Around the Entire Island of St. Kitts

posted Apr 27, 2011, 8:23 AM by Darren Cannell
We drove up the Atlantic side and it was so pretty.  This side seemed to be a bit more of rain forest vegetation. 
We got waylaid onto several little side roads which we drove up and down and we were rewarded with beautiful views of the ocean.  The old sugar plantation ruins dot the entire island and they lay testament to the slave labour that provided the sugar to the growing addiction.
We encountered many wondering goat herds that were not tended by anyone. I am sure that many baby goats end up getting run over because they are all over the roads.  We drove by the Black Rocks area on the East side of the island and this is where molten lava had burned its way down to the water’s edge a million years ago and has produced a bit of a scary black and rugged landscape.  Many black sand beaches are in this area as well.  Once we rounded the northern end the views of Mount Liamuiga the dormant volcano were tremendous.  Also the views of the Dutch owned island of Statia or St. Eustatius were incredible; also we could just barely see the island of Saba as well. 
Before we flew to St. Kitts my plan was to hike up the dormant volcano crater and apparently you can still see the bubbling activity and smell the sulphur.  When we actually got a look at how high it is we thought that there is no way Dax would make it and on second thought I might not make it.  I am not 20 anymore.  I kind of feel like a wimp with this decision but I don’t want to end up in traction for the remainder of my holiday either.
We drove around the whole northern end through to the Caribbean side of St. Kitts and made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park. 


It is an incredible feat of British military engineering and it is one of the finest examples in the world.  I am not sure why the British are so recognized for it.  It was actually the imported African slaves who built it and slaved over it literally.  We watched a video of the making of Brimstone first. 


The Fortress is quite interesting to explore with all of its cannons and quarters and the views are second to none overlooking the Caribbean Sea. 


I forgot the sunscreen so I felt like I was frying like a piece of bacon the whole time.  I actually did not burn though because my base tan was ample enough to protect me for the 2 hours of exploring.  The breezes were divine because it was a very hot day and a lot of it was walking uphill.
We drove back to Basseterre the capital and wanted to pick up some groceries but it was Easter Monday and all of the stores were closed.  We ventured back to the Marriott and went to the pool and then back to the comforts of home and our 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom unit.  I was surprised to find the Global channel on TV, imagine that; Global in St. Kitts.  I hope that the next place we move to on St. Thomas has the Global network so that I can follow the Canadian Federal Election.  And speaking of politics and politicians we have a bidet in our condo.  Many of the timeshares and hotel rooms that we have stayed in along the way during our World Tour have had bidets.  For me I just felt they were a waste of space in the bathroom and a waste of porcelain.  I tried the bidet the other day for the first time and I still feel this way about them.  I think they were designed for lazy people.  If anyone would care to argue with me then bring it.

St. Kitts Island