Flying into St. Thomas United States Virgin Islands

posted May 5, 2011, 6:20 AM by Darren Cannell
We flew in with Liat Ailines and they were 1.5 hours late getting in.  Liat is an interesting little airline with rush seating which is a concern with a child.  The lady at the gate had a good head on her shoulders and she had the people with children let on first to the aircraft.  We arrived into St. Thomas and collected our car from Budget.  The drive to the Marriott is normally a short 10 minute drive but Carnival began on Friday and there was lots of traffic.  We had to drive right through Charlotte Amalie the capital city and then up into the hills to the Marriott Frenchman’s Cove which is situated high up on different terraces overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  We finally lucked out and got a great view of the water and beach.  We are in the Virgin Gorda building on the top floor directly looking over the middle of the beach and water.  We also have a great view of Charlotte Amalie and all of the cruise ships as they enter and exit the port or terminal, they sail right by our balconies. 


After checking in and settling for a few minutes we got together our grocery list and drove back into the city to get groceries at Pueblo Grocery Store.  It is a large grocery store and all of the prices are in American and they are decently priced.  We came back and cooked our steaks on the grills that are provided at the resort.  We already like it here and feel very comfortable.


The next day we walked over to the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef which is the hotel.  They have a very expansive property with an even larger beach but it is not a swimming beach for children, the waves are larger but the water is very pretty and the beach is really nice. 
We hung out there for quite a while.  We found a rockier alcove where many iguanas were sunning themselves and we watched these creatures for quite a while.  Darren and Dax tried to see how close they could get to these horrible things before the creature would scurry off. 
These are not small and harmless and they are very ugly.  There were a couple of iguanas on the beach the other day and he was not moving for anyone.  He decided to settle under my lounge chair and he was about 4 feet long with his tail.  I was not going to lie on my lounge chair with him or her under me and it was not until someone opened up a package of food that the thing left, thank God.



St. Thomas, USVI