Flying over the Iguazu Falls

posted Mar 15, 2011, 2:26 PM by Darren Cannell

We left the apartment at 10 am this morning after Mary the apartment lady came to check out that we did not steal a flat screen or wreck the place.  My sister got her security deposit credited back and we were on our way, well sort of.  For some ungodly reason taxi drivers do not like having a suitcase in their front seat.  They are always trying to charge us for two cabs for my family of 3 in these Latin countries.  After a bit of an assertive gesture we were on our way to the Jorge Newbery Domestic airport to catch our flight to the largest falls in the world – Iguazu Falls on the Argentina side.  The flight was roughly 2 hours with LAN airlines from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls.  We then caught a cab to our Hotel Saint George and checked in.  We went directly to the pool and sat in the shade because it was mucho hot.  I ordered a Margarita but Argentinean Margaritas are not the same as Mexican Margs.  So I stopped at one.

We went to a recommended restaurant called AQVA which was literally just down the street.  Jackie, Michelle and Darren loved their steak and meals but I was left in the cold again.  I ordered a river fish and mushroom rice concoction and I could not eat the fish it was so slimy and disgusting that I could not even stomach it and stopped at two bites.  I am the person that can eat anything but I could not eat that.  Dax’s chicken was really tough and so he only ate one piece and I ate chewed through the other one, which took me some time.  Deidre would have liked her chicken and vegis cooked about 10 minutes less, way overcooked.  The wine however was fabulous again and Michelle and I had another Alamos Cab Sav.  Jackie had her Argentinean beers.  The desert was decent and it was Dulce de Leche ice-cream which is a National delicacy, they are completely into their Dulce de Leche here.