Flying to Mendoza, Argentina

posted Mar 18, 2011, 2:45 PM by Darren Cannell

We hung out at the Hotel Saint George for a couple of hours to take our 2 pm flight.  We had two legs to get to Mendoza the wine region or Mecca of Argentina.  Let’s face it I came to Argentina for the wine and it was calling my name with its sweet caress and who am I to ignore such a calling?  The flights went well and we got in late to the Mendoza airport.  We rustled up some cabs and we were on our way to the Villagio Boutique Hotel which is one block from the main square or park.  Our cab was 28 pesos and the sister’s cab was 100 plus Michelle the nice one tipped him on top of it.  What she did not know was that he ripped them off 72 pesos plus a tip.  We all had a good laugh and I told them to think of it as a 28 peso ride for each of them to help them digest that they just got severely taken advantage of.  It happens to the best of us, as seasoned of travelers as we are we still get royally ripped off occasionally.

We found a Subway to buy sandwiches and a convenience store to buy water and wine.  We were on our way back to our hotel and this man came up to us and asked if we spoke English.  He was a Belique and he was telling us his hard luck story of getting robbed and they took his passport blah blah blah.  It could of had a shred of reality to it but there were two inconsistencies in his story so I then started to do my whole analysing of him and many of us were falling for the story.  Darren gave him his card to email us to see how he fared with the embassy etc.  My nicest sister gave him 30 pesos and it trickled down to me giving him 10 pesos.  Anyways we would like to believe that we at the very least helped a desperate soul.  
We tried a reserve Malbec which I can’t remember the name, it did not really stand out for us.  It is Malbec country up here at the base of the Andes Mountains.  The sisters stayed up and talked and drank until 1 am which is late for me.  I only got about 5 hours of sleep this night.