Flying with Bahamas Air to Eleuthera Island, Bahamas

posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:21 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 15, 2011, 8:33 AM ]
Eleuthera Island use to be the playground of the Kennedy’s.  They had their own landing strip and many other millionaires had vacation homes on Cape Eleuthera.  Our first flight left Miami way too early and flew into Nassau, Bahamas 55 minutes later.  We had a long 7 hour stretch before our next flight to Eleuthera Island.  I did not want to stay in the tiny airport and drive myself crazy so I urged Darren to get off his tush so that we could make our way into Nassau town.  We hired a taxi for 32 dollars.  Bahamian dollars are on par to US dollars.  We got dropped off at the Conch Fritters restaurant where we indulged in cracked conch, conch fritters and curried chicken.  All of the dishes were great.  We also tried the Bahamian drink called Goombay which is canned in the Bahamas.  It is a carbonated drink that tasted like a lemony fresco but with a spice that I could not identify.  Darren loved it and later bought a six pack.  We rolled with our carry-ons down the street towards the cruise terminal.  We could see the cruise ships lined up at port quite far away because now a days they are such floating behemoths. 
We walked around the international bazarre which if you have not seen a market like this it would be interesting.  We took some pictures and mosied on towards a park where we sat down in the shade to rest from the sun.  We noticed a large school band assembling in the park and they started to play, they were from Chicago and they were decent enough.  They played for about an hour and it was nice to listen to them they were fairly quiet.  We later kept walking to get a good shot of Atlantis the large hotel complex on Paradise Island.  Dax declared that he would like to go there someday.  The place is a child’s dream with water parks and dolphins etc.  I have put in for a timeshare exchange into that area but it has not come through yet, it is very much in demand.
We walked back to the park again for some shade and another much louder band was making its way up the road in a very competitive spirit.  These guys were good and they were from North Carolina, they even had accompanied dancers.  The drum line was called Blue Steel and they were very entertaining and excellent.  I felt like I should have been paying good money to watch these boys, they were the best that I have ever heard or seen.  They had moves to go along with their excellent skills of drumming.  We listened to these kids the whole time and made our way back to find a taxi. 
We got a very chatty taxi driver back to the airport and he filled me in on anything I would ever want to know about the Bahamas so I tipped him because it was more like a tour that a taxi ride.  He dropped us off and I made my way to the Wendy’s to buy us all frostys.  Dax had never had one and he loved it.  I am sure I will be repeating the purchase when we land at Nassau airport on the return to Miami on the 1st of April.  Our last flight of the day was delayed 1.5 hours.  This was actually our lengthiest delay of the whole World Tour.  There are not enough seats in the Nassau domestic lounge so the boy’s butts were falling asleep.  We boarded a twin prop plane which is not my favourite.  The flight was only 20 minutes long so I could handle not breathing for that long.

When we arrived our entire luggage ensemble was there and Clinton Knowles was also there.  He was renting his rubby old Chevy Lumina to us for 60 dollars a day.  There is no Avis or Hertz or anything remotely like it on Eleuthera Island so you rent from the locals.  Yes this was the most I have ever spent on a car rental but if you want to come to posh Cape Eleuthera Island then you have to spend the big bucks.  Clinton seemed like a really nice guy and he demonstrated how to open the trunk.  You have to push the lever then you have to pound the top of the car to give it that extra little push (I am not exaggerating either).  We were off and we found our way to the Marketplace grocery store.  Prices were astronomically high but I was expecting this.  Most things were 3 times more than Canadian groceries.  If I wanted a cantaloupe it was about 6 times the price at $6.89.  We bought the bare essentials for survival (well not really because I went to the liquor store and bought some Island coconut rum).  We were off and it was another ½ hour drive to Powel Pointe on Cape Eleuthera.  We got there in the dark due to the delayed flight so we did not get to appreciate all of the beauty around us.