Garden Route

posted Dec 14, 2010, 9:36 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Dec 19, 2010, 10:11 AM ]
The Garden Route drive from Port Elizabeth to Capetown which is about 900 Kms is a wonderful stretch of highway that meanders through hills mountains, meadows, mountain passes, ravines, canyons, orchards, ostrich farms, vineyards, red soil, brown soil, grazing cows, sheep, scary roads that drop off into nothing, small towns, gorgeous stretches of beaches (if you veer south to the coast) and a multitude of many other things.
We first stopped at Jeffreys Bay and it had a wide expansive stretch of beach to play on which was about 5 miles long and it had lots of snails that were getting washed around the beach by the waves and there were jelly fish dead and alive.  The beach was gorgeous and the mansions on the beach weren’t too bad either.

Our next stop was Plettenberg Bay which was also on the beach.  This was a magnificent stretch of coastline miles long and clean and clear.  There were tidal pools galore and rocks to clamber over and we chose the Lookout Deck to eat at.  It had great seafood and great views.  The ocean seemed to wrap around the deck area.  We watched some incredible kite surfing and hung around because it was such a cool place.  After we ate I fell and embarrassed myself greatly and ended up with a few new bruises, but the embarrassment hurt more than the bruises.

On to George and a little town on the coast called Herold’s Bay.  Dan fell in love with this place and it would be a great summer holiday area.  The beach was beautiful and the area was really pretty and it was easy going. The first night here we drove up to the cove through all of the holiday mansions and ate at the top of the hill overlooking the beautiful bay.  We stayed two nights here at the Herold’s Bay Luxury Apartments and they were.  The next day we just spent at the beach and the pool and took it easy.

We got back onto the N2 and we drove on through the Garden Route and we watched all of the amazing rock formations and Mountain passes and jaw dropping majesty of the mountains with beautiful slate colors in the nearby rock hills.  Dax and I did his school work in between stops for pictures and viewing the scenery and South African architecture.  We stopped in Barrydale which has many lunch stops and we ate at the Jam Tart and it had very good food.  Chelsea tried the Babuty an African dish of minced meat with cheese and spices on top.  It was delish.  Dan had the lamb and Darren tried the ostrich and it was very tender and a bit gamey tasting but good, he chowed down on it but he is a carnivore.
I would highly recommend the Garden Route drive, it is spectacular and you can't fall asleep through the beauty.