Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure

posted Feb 23, 2011, 1:20 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Feb 28, 2011, 12:41 PM ]
This little place is only about 15 minutes from the Palm Cove area where we are staying.  The 3 of us got in for 72 dollars total and it is a full day of seeing the sites.  Keep in mind that it is hot but if you want to see crocodiles they like it hot.  There is a ½ hour boat cruise through the tropical wetland and you get quite up close and personal with the beasts as the driver coaxes’ the Salties out of the water with chicken heads and other delights.  These things can really jump out of the water with the use of their tails.  They are really quite useless out of the water as I can even run faster.  We moved onto the crocodile farm tour where the crocs are legally farmed for their skins.  A legal croc handbag will run you about 1500 dollars.   I saw an illegal one for 350 in Bali.  They are beautiful and one of a kind because every skin is different.  When I look at crocs all I tend to see is boots, shoes and handbags and when my son looks at them he is fascinated. 
It is hard to believe that the crocs were almost hunted to an endangered species before Australia had to put steps in place to protect them. 
We moved onto a snake show of shivering proportions.  Australia has 10 of the 11 most venomous and deadliest snakes in the world and I am not sure what I am doing here really?  I found this very interesting and well done, the guy loves his snakes.

We then went on a hike through the different areas of the park and came across the Cassowary bird.  I have never heard of this creature or seen one.  It is very prehistoric looking and the strangest thing you could imagine.  We spent probably about one hour with these animals because they are so weird.  We also got to be part of the feeding of them.  I was hand-feeding them whole pieces of fruit which they gulp down without chewing and you can see it slide down their throat, it is creepy really.  You should google these things if you don’t know what I am talking about; their bright colors are really worth seeing. 
We ended up at the crocodile attack show.  This was great entertainment as a guy named Shane handled these crocs and showed us their true colors.  They are much like the shark to me. 
They are basically eating machines.  As we were leaving this wonderful show we happened upon the much gentler koala feeding.  These are really the most adorable little fuzz balls.  Their fur feels like a soft sheered sheep.  They went directly to their trainer and they would reach for her as if they were a baby.  I asked her about that and she said that they would reach out for me as well because they are basically very dumb creatures with very tiny brains.  I know some students like this but they are still very lovable.  The koala diet leaves them very little nutrition to sustain their day and this is why they loll around in the trees and look completely out of it.  They simply don’t have the energy to do much.  On certain days, I can relate.  Overall this place was highly enjoyable and you can also get a stamp on your pamphlet and return for up to two more days for free.