Ireland the Land of the Good-Looking Men

posted Oct 7, 2010, 2:53 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Oct 14, 2010, 11:25 PM by Unknown user ]
I have been to roughly 45 countries so I am a seasoned traveller but I have never seen so many nice looking men in one concentrated place as I have experienced in Ireland.  
Perhaps they are mostly metro-sexual and take better care of their appearance than your average Canadian man; who knows but one cannot take notice of the evidence.
Along with nice looking men the sites here in Dublin are tremendous.  The Hop On Hop Off bus is fun for the whole family and does a 20 stop tour to most of the important sites in Dublin.  We stopped at many and then got right back on again to continue.  St. Stephen’s Green, a huge park in the middle of the city centre is kitty corner to our hotel the Conrad Hilton.  The park is beautiful and quite serene and our hotel is even better.  The Conrad is a gentlemen’s 5* hotel with great service and nice rooms.  We have been very comfortable here.
We drove out of the city in a Southerly direction towards Glendalough the 6th century monastic village and happened upon Bray; a seaside town with beaches and cliffs and nice hiking.  Also on our way to Glendalough we came upon Powerscourt Estate where copious amounts of land belonged to one rich family.  The estate is quite beautiful.  We finally made it to Glendalough just in time for it to rain every ½ hour.  It was worth the cold drizzly weather, Daxtin explored the trails and came out muddier than when he went in.  This is a bit of a problem due to the fact that we are in hotels for the next little while and clean clothes can become a big problem.  There were gorgeous trails, lakes and ruins.  Let’s just say that my camera is getting quite a workout here in Ireland.
We drove North to Howth  an ancient heritage fishing town on the coast and walked around in the Fall sun.  10 KMS away is the Melahide Castle and it looks the way a castle should look with turrets and it is quite imposing.  The highlight of this trip for us was the innovative children’s playground.  It was the largest and the coolest playground that the Cannells have ever come across and it was all on the grounds of this ancient castle.
We went to church on Sunday morning at the St. Newman's Church.  It was a cool older church for sure but they were into cruel and sadistic torture when they designed their pews.  No wonder the congregation was tiny, they were bloody uncomfortable.