Leaving Aphrodite Hills for Kato-Paphos

posted Dec 1, 2010, 12:01 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 15, 2010, 10:07 PM by Darren Cannell ]
Well it is not every day that the Cannell family gets to bunk down in such a grand style with such nice digs.  OK, we do it all the time but not with our own villa, it is usually just a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit – apartment style.  Anyways we did not want to leave.  I have mentioned many times to Darren that Cyprus is booming, the weather is perfect here, the people are great, English is widely spoken and property is only going higher, plus there are 7 international schools and a brand new university here in Paphos.  Darren does not seem interested.  I think this would be an amazing place to relocate for a couple of years and Darren could get into a ground floor operation with the new university and start up a Cyber university cohort here. 
The sunsets here in Cyprus are utterly unreal and astounding.  Because there are few clouds when the sun goes down it is always a round ball of fire and it lights up the sky.  I would have to say that Cyprus beats Saskatchewan sunsets I am sorry to say.


We moved to another timeshare further north closer to the action of Paphos.  This place is like the movie ‘The Shining’ but no Jack Nicholson.  Everything is closed or in process of closing down for the winter season.  One benefit is you often get the pool completely to yourself.  There are many cats here belonging to no one.  They scrounge for food and take what love and attention they can get from the guests here at the Aliathon Resort.  They are quite cute really.  They will come and suntan with you and beg for love.  There are some gorgeous cats as well with remarkable coloring.  Dax and I like the two cats who are very playful and we have named them Gingy and Mischief.  Dax is becoming quite enamoured of them and I am missing my dog more and more.