Leaving Dubai, United Arab Emirates

posted Jan 5, 2011, 8:31 AM by Darren Cannell
Dubai is a newer city and therefore does not have a great deal of substance.  For Westerners the dress code is annoying and restrictive and people don’t like to be annoyed while on holidays.  Women have to cover up their shoulders and legs; some women choose not to out of rebellion or ignorance, who knows?  There were some really hot days and I would have loved to have worn an outfit of my choice but I was respectful of the dress code rules.  This is an overly expensive city and I would not choose to come back to Dubai on this basis alone.  The traffic is already deplorable for a ‘master-planned city’.  Last night it took us over one hour to go to a place that is supposed to take 20 minutes and that was to the Dubai Outlet Malls which had more reasonable prices but still not outlet prices as North Americans know them as.  The dust was bad for 3 of our 7 days here in Dubai.  Personally we are glad that we came here to see Dubai but we would not return; been there done that.  But someone must like this city because I have never seen such a monumental effort of construction in my entire life.  Never have I seen this amount of building cranes and construction sites and road expansions.  Whole huge blocks are dedicated to constructing 20 or more apartment buildings at one go.  Massive homes being created that make large homes in Saskatoon look tiny.  My mouth was drooling over some of these mansions under construction and the multitude of the ones that are already built.  Dubai demands a whole new meaning to 'new builds'.  With this magnitude of building and construction sites ongoing, Dubai will double in size in no time at all.  I guess, if I was an extremely wealthy Arab woman who wanted a beach house then Dubai would definitely be the place to build or buy.