Lost in Buenos Aires

posted Mar 11, 2011, 4:22 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 6:09 AM ]
We only managed to leave the apartment by 2 pm.  With 4 ladies and Dax the procrastinator we managed to get a late start every day.  Besides we were all still sleeping off our jetlag.  Michelle got us hopelessly lost the day before so the job moved over to Darren who was on map duty.  Darren also failed and got us lost and turned around and we did another day of walking about 4 kms this day.  I am a glass half full person so I always try to make the most of everything and so while getting lost we saw many more lovely old buildings.  Some of these buildings are absolutely magnificent.  We took copious amounts of pictures.  Our goal was the Recoleta cemetery which we finally found. 
This place had amazing above ground crypts or mausoleums.  It basically was like a walk through art gallery of tiny church buildings with human remains in them. 
We were looking for ‘Evita’s’ or Eva Perron’s crypt which we never did find, but we really enjoyed the architecture of all of these old burial site buildings.  We wondered around there until we got kicked out at 5:40 pm. 
We went to a church and looked around and then made our way to an area that had tons of vendors selling handicrafts, silver, scarves etc.  Jackie bought some things and while we were shopping Darren and Dax watched a puppet show in Spanish.  Dax said that he did not understand a thing but he enjoyed himself.

We made our way back home and came upon a restaurant to eat at.  Michelle loved her Caperesse Pizza.  Everyone else disliked their meal.  Jackie ordered a beef stir fry and the meat was unbelievably tough.  I tried a piece and it was hurting my jaw so I spit it out.  My asparagus pizza was very bland and tasteless and should have been good.  Once again the food is pretty much a bust in Argentina but the wine is to die for.  Michelle and I partook in a Alamos Merlot and it was really good, we could have drank another bottle.