Magens Bay, St. Thomas, USVI

posted May 5, 2011, 6:43 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated May 5, 2011, 7:03 AM ]
Magens Bay Beach is managed by the government so there is a cost of 4 dollars per adult to get in but there are public washrooms etc.  Magens Bay is in the North of the island and it is a one mile long beach which is quite a narrow sand beach.  Magens Bay is usually always on the list of the top ten beaches of the world by Conde Nast travel magazine and others.  Personally I would say that it is a very nice pretty beach but not in the top ten beaches of the world.  I found 3 beaches that were better than Magens Bay in Eleuthera Island, Bahamas and then there is always Jolly Harbour Beach in Antigua as well.  I am not sure if Conde Nast focuses more on beaches in the US or what but they need to get a new judge for best beaches.  Like I said Magens Bay is pretty but not anywhere close to the top ten in the world.

We laid around on the beach and came up with a new game where we throw our  wave runner bouncy ball out into the water and see how many skips you can get and then Dax takes his inner tube out and retrieves it.  What can I say, we miss our dog and Dax wears off energy and loves it.


Most of the cruisers had already left the beach and it was just us and the locals left.  So we closed this beach down and stayed too long because something bit the hell out of my legs, either sand fleas or noseeums.  I needed an antihistamine to take the itch out, whatever bit me, it was about 50 times and with a nasty bite that I was allergic to.  Should have left earlier.

You have to drive up and over the mountains to get back to the Marriott and there are spots to stop your car and take picture perfect shots of the cruise terminal area and Charlotte Amalie.  Our Marriott timeshare is just up and over the back end of the ship below.
We went back to the pool at the Marriott Frenchman’s Cove to let Dax play with his new friends which were a family of 3 kids.  They ran around and up and down the water slide for about an hour.  Then I noticed that Dax was walking up the slide with all of the kids behind him and I thought to myself this is not going to end up well.  Well unfortunately my psychic abilities were dead on.  Dax wiped out with the rush of water and took out the rest of the kids.  Somehow a foot caught Daxtin in the snorkelling goggles and it must of cracked the tempered glass and they got knocked off of Dax’s face.  One of the boys swam to the bottom of the pool to retrieve the googles and he threw them on to the side of the pool and this is when the tempered glass of the Dax’s goggles shattered everywhere on the side of the pool.  The glass crumpled like a windshield. Somehow thank God they did not shatter on Dax’s face because he could have lost an eye or two because the glass was very sharp.  He only ended up with a huge goose egg in between his eyes.  There was glass everywhere and before anyone knew what was going on one of the boys from the other family cut his foot in 3 places.  The parents swarmed and figured out what was happening and got the boy some help, he was bleeding quite alot and it finally came to a slow bleed, but this ended the horse play.  They bandaged him up and then they were relegated to play ping pong to keep the bandage dry.  Lesson – do not walk up slides, slides are for going down not up.