Mendoza, Argentina

posted Mar 18, 2011, 2:48 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Mar 24, 2011, 8:58 AM ]
We got up this morning and partook in the complimentary buffet breakfast at the Villaggio.  It was decent enough, the coffee sucked though.  We filled ourselves up just enough to get us through some shopping.  We walked to the main square one block from our hotel and walked through the park and saw fountains and statues.  Many people were in the parks meandering around.  We came across some vendors and looked around.  We all bought these really nice leather cuffs for ourselves and the sisters bought some for family.  We also liked the guy who was selling them, he was personable and he was on his way to Mexico to sell his wares and we were discussing that with him. Needless to say that he was still there the next day, imagine that you can't trust a street person.
We came across many leather stores and we all found nice belts to buy for ourselves.   We later found a restaurant that was outdoors on the pedestrian street and ordered the standard cervesa for the two sisters and vino for me and my other sister.  We tried a Trapiche Malbec and it was nice but not full bodied enough for me.  Lunch was decent and we wondered back to our hotel to spend the rest of the day in the sun.  The pool area was nice and quiet and so we all read.  Daxtin found the pool way too cold as it was akin to the feeling of a lake that had just had the ice melt on it.  I was so hot though I dipped in for 3 tries but each time I was losing the feeling in my legs so you could not stay long.


We got ready to go out to the Vines of Mendoza which is a wine tasting place.  It had great ambiance and we had our little dining room that was closed off to others which is a good thing because when the Fleming girls start drinking we are extremely loud.  Jackie tried one of the flights for 75 pesos which was a range of 5 half glasses of wine.  The range went from a white to a rose` to a light new wine to two increasingly more full bodied wines.  She loved the white and the full bouquet wine.  Jackie is not a wine drinker so she was impressing Michelle and I and we are trying hard to make her into a wine drinker.  Deidre gets headaches from red wines so she stuck to a glass of white wine and nursed that all night.  Michelle and I tried two full glasses each of two different wines.  I loved the Bacan Malbec, it was very full bodied.  We had a great time and I highly recommend this event, but try and make reservations, we lucked out without them and it was happy hour on Wednesdays so full glasses of expensive wine were 50% off, Nadine likeeee.