Miami Beach, Florida

posted Mar 23, 2011, 6:44 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 6:42 AM ]
We arrived late into Miami after midnight due to our late flight out of Bogota.  Immigration took longer than normal about one hour.  Then we realized that our rental agency was now closed so we had to catch a 32 dollar taxi to Miami Beach on Collins Avenue which ended up being one block off of the beach.  It was evident that it was Spring Break when we pulled up to the hotel.  There were drunken students all over the streets and the hotel lobby.  The music in our Art Deco Historic Hotel was blaring and I mean so loud you could barely think.  We were the last room to check in and there was only a king size bed available so Daxtin was relegated to the floor but he was provided with lots of bedding to be comfortable.  We were meeting up with Darren’s brother and sister in law and it was too late to check in with Amy and Trent at almost 2 am Dax had already passed out in the Taxi so we put him to bed and we crashed.  Well we tried to but even my ear plugs could not keep the music thumping out of my ears.  We were also the closest room to the lobby with the blaring rave music.  The music finally stopped at 5 am and we settled in for a few hours of sleep.  At 9 am we went and knocked on Amy and Trent’s door and got them out of bed.  We have not seen them for 3 ½ years so we wanted to visit.  We later went for  breakfast one block away and sat outside and talked. 
We went to the beach for a couple of hours and then to the sun roof of our hotel and then for a drive to Walmart to get much needed supplies.  Avianca airlines broke Darren’s suitcase so we also tried to find a replacement but to no avail.  We will have to go to TJMaxx.  We caught a fast food meal and headed back to the hotel and cracked open a Argentinean wine that I bought to share with Amy.  We hung out in Trent and Amy’s room and tried desperately to find another hotel for the next 3 nights and ended up scoring with a   hotel for 100 dollars and got the Hyatt Bonaventure in Fort Lauderdale.  Miami is completely sold out due to spring break down here in the States.  We went to bed at a fairly good time because it is moving day tomorrow and we have to pick up our expensive rental car.