Miami, Florida

posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:19 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 6:40 AM ]

We stayed another night at the rockin hotel and the music actually stopped at 10 pm, so that was a Godsend.  We got some much needed sleep and awoke rested.  Darren had to get his butt to Miami International to pick up a rental car so that we could move hotels and see a thing or two.  Trent and I were bidding for hotel rooms for the next 3 nights and Trent got lucky with and found us a 4 star room for 100 per night in Fort Lauderdale.  We ended up with the Hyatt Regency Bonaventure.  We drove north and on our way we came across a TJ MAXX and we had to stop.  Darren’s luggage was destroyed by Avianca Airlines; the one wheel was almost off which would have left a big hole in his luggage.  When we landed into Miami normally we would have talked to Avianca to get the cost of the suitcase allotted to us but we could not find the Avianca stand, smart on their part.  We went shopping with no luck with the suitcase replacement, but Amy and I made the most out of the shopping.  I scored a couple of cute bikinis and Amy found a dress.

We made our way to Fort Lauderdale and checked into the Hyatt.  I upgraded for 35.00 per night to a one bedroom suite which gave us a huge living room dining room and kitchen.  The bedroom itself was huge with a gargantuan bathroom and an extra bathroom off of the kitchen.  It was a great deal I thought and it afforded us all a comfortable place to meet and eat on the outdoor balcony.  Personally this hotel was more like a 5 star hotel than a 4 star.  We went to the pool and it was very nice with a huge waterfall, we sat in the sun for a while and went out for supper to Panera Bread which is a chain and that was a good meal too with an added dessert for only 99 cents.

We decided to go on the water taxi in the Fort Lauderdale intercoastal waterways. 
The cost was 20 dollars per adult and it was very relaxing and interesting to see the mansions that line the waterways.  The narrator or guide on the boats would often give us home-grown trivia about some of the owners and what huge companies they owned and how much their home cost etc.  We jumped on and off many times and went for lunch etc. at the Cheesecake Cafe; ate a huge piece of cheesecake and had a stomach ache for 3 hours.  That is the price to pay for gluttony. 
We made our way back to the hotel to sit at the pool for a while.  I got to work out here two days in a row at the Hyatt.  This fitness room wins hands down out of all of the hotels and timeshares we stayed at for the whole entire tour.  Massive room with mucho new equipment gave me a great workout.

The next day we went out to another TJ MAXX and scored a suitcase for Darren; a nice lavender Hummer suitcase.  Hummer may make sturdy road vehicles but sturdy suitcases remains to be seen.  The Hummer was not my choice but Darren wanted it.  I also bought two more bikinis.  I am going to be in a bikini for the next 6 weeks solid so I thought why not.  We also went to a Nordstrom Rack on our last day with Amy and Trent.  Amy had never been to one so I felt I had to oblige her plus it is one of my more favourite places to shop for steals and deals.