Monday in New York City

posted May 20, 2011, 1:44 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Mar 17, 2012, 3:37 PM ]
We woke up late again and got up and walked down to the ticket discount booth in Times Square on 47th.  We were on a mission to buy discounted Lion King Tickets for a matinee.  Well first of all this place is closed on Mondays so don’t bother and there are no matinees on Monday or Tuesdays.  Also there are no discounted Lion King tickets to buy, because it is still fairly new.  It would have cost my family over 400 bucks to see this show, so we decided to wait until we come back to NYC sometime in the future.  We enjoyed Billy Elliott so much that we wanted to experience another Broadway play here in NYC.  We had to quickly change our plans and pick something else to do instead of going to another matinee.  We decided to walk to Dylan’s Candy Store that touts itself as the largest candy store in the world.  It is very large but I would have my doubts that it is the largest.  It is located at 1011, 3rd ave and 60th street.  It does have 3 floors and 15,000 square feet of candy and it does have the old kind of candies that we enjoyed as kids like gold nuggets in a bag which is gum.  Do you remember them?  It also had pop rocks.  You can get quite carried away in there so check your prices.  I almost picked up the large chewable sweet tarts candy for double the price that you can get them at the 7-11.  Needless to say Dax had fun in there.

We left the Dylan’s Candy Store with more calories than when we walked in and started walking around the area.  I loved walking around the wealthy area of the Upper East Side and enjoying all of the beautiful properties.  There were some gorgeous old Brownstones that were done up to the nines.  The houses around 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue were great to look at and even the architecture is interesting to see.  Some of these homes in this area are in one of the most expensive real estate places in the world.  Darren was bored to tears.  We continued our journey into Central Park from the East side about half way up.  Central Park is lovely and old and developed.  What surprised me about this park is that there are roads that go through it with cars.  Only in NYC I guess.  It kind of kills the whole park atmosphere when you can hear cars driving by you.  There are lots of squirrels and everyone is out walking their dogs.  So Dax and I had our Dog fix.  We really miss our poodle and we can’t wait to see him.  We kept walking north through Central Park up to the MET or the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It really was starting to rain at this point so we just made it in time just to see the big red sign outside saying CLOSED MONDAYS.  There were people coming and going inside so when we asked the security guard he said that it is only open to VIP’s on Mondays.  I am not a VIP so it was a bit frustrating, but I guess if I was Gwen Stefani or Julia Roberts or President Obama, I would not be able to visit the MET on a normal day because I would be hounded by fans and people wanting my autograph and photo.  Personally I would hate to be famous, it would suck royally.  We decided to walk across Central Park to the American Natural Museum of History to see if we could get into this place.  We got there at 4:35 pm and they open the doors for free entry at 4:45 pm so we just waited 10 minutes and got in free and avoided the 20 dollar fee per adult.  We had one full hour to peruse the Space area which was cool and all of the other floors combined.  We decided to walk back home instead of taking the subway much to our child’s chagrin.  We walked the 24 blocks back to 56th street and went to the Topaz restaurant again.  Dax decided to try some Thai rolls for supper, way to go Daxtin.  I had the Pad Thai and Darren had some meat laden dish because he is a carnivore.