Monkey Time

posted Dec 11, 2010, 9:24 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Dec 15, 2010, 10:42 PM ]
I woke up early this morning at 5:30 am; I guess I was excited to be in SA.  It’s not every day that you are in SA.  I stayed in bed as long as I could to let Dax sleep.  He came into the bed at about 2:30 am because he was having nightmares.  Who knows what they were from but it could have been the 1 ½ inch ant-like creature that was crawling towards him last night as he played on the floor with his cars.  This bug was huge, never seen anything like that before.  Daddy got to be his hero, because Mommy was having no part of disposing with that.  His nightmare also could have been from the explanation of what the very bold and vivid ‘High-Jack  Hot-Spot’ signs on the road side between Pretoria and Witbank?  Who knows?  So anyways I snuck out of bed at 6:30 am leaving Dax and Darren sleeping peacefully.  As soon as I came out in to the living room I noticed something moving out on the wide open spaced view from our terrace.  There were tons of monkeys with white (side) beards going back and forth eating and walking.  By 7:30 they had cleared out of town and Dax got to see just one when he got out of bed.  Apparently you have to close all doors behind you here at our chalet because the monkeys, ducks, birds, insects you name it they will come in. 
I would like to describe the sounds that I have experienced this morning.  It rained heavy last night with a thunderstorm and there is light rain right now dripping slowly off the thatched roof, and it smells so fresh.  Any rustle in the grass or bush and I get ready to bolt, because I don’t trust the little buggers (monkeys that is).  The cicadas are especially active here at the Lodge and if you don’t know what they sound like it is a sound of high powered electric lines.  There are a number of bird calls that are totally unrecognizable to my ears and I keep seeing these bright yellow Robin sized birds fly by.  There are ducks, not like ours, but very pretty to look at and they are constantly voicing their opinions and coming up to our terrace to check us out.  There has to be a set of falls close by because I can hear the roar of water.  This is a spectacular place to have coffee in the morning.  I wish you could all be here to experience this.