Palermo SoHo

posted Mar 11, 2011, 4:36 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 6:02 AM ]

Dax and Darren both stayed back today because we were going out shopping to Palermo SoHo which we had heard that this barrio had the best shopping.  We first had to go to LAN airlines to change Jackie’s flight.  Michelle had accidentally put her maiden name of Fleming when she booked the flight online for our luddite sister Jackie.  We did joke around and bug Michelle quite a bit about this mistake.  We successfully got the flight name changed and at no cost.  We just had to wait for 1.5 hours to get this done (only in a Spanish country).  We ended up sitting beside a couple from Montreal and they were trying to move their flights up so that they could leave Buenos Aires early, they also had had enough of the cuisine here.  They were only in a hotel and had no alternative like cooking their own meals.  Seriously this city needs to invest in their future and hire a few good international chefs before the word gets out that their food really sucks.

We taxied to Palermo SoHo and the taxies are fairly inexpensive especially when you are splitting it 4 ways.  You can also take the metro but I have one 'princess' sister and she did not want to take it so we cabbed it.  The cabbie dropped us off close to a mall and we went in there but it was quite high end.  We spotted a McCafe and went there for a iced coffee and dessert.  We continued on down Santa Fe Street outside the mall to shop.  Jackie once again won and got herself a lovely good quality leather purse on sale.  My goal for shopping in Argentina was to buy a purse, boots and a pair of stylish but comfortable shoes for work; I did not achieve my goal, I failed miserably.

We saw a TGI Fridays which I would never gravitate to but we thought that they are all American recipes, how badly can they screw them up right?  Well they can and they did.  I ordered pasta with grilled salmon.  The salmon was so grossly overcooked that I actually asked the manager to come out so that I could talk to him, it was that bad, not to mention that the cost was very high as well.  Also they were completely sold out of all wines and beers due to the holiday the day before.  Personally that is just poor management. Plus there was a cover charge of 28 pesos which was ridiculous gouging.  After the TGI Friday experience we decided to cook the rest of our suppers.  We took a taxi back home and went to the grocery store for some wine and beer.  We were so full that we just picked at food in our fridge and went to bed after a couple of hours of chatting it up.