Phuket, Thailand

posted Jan 29, 2011, 2:45 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Feb 11, 2011, 9:46 PM ]
We landed on the 15th into Phuket and we had been here before in July of 2000 and enjoyed it our first time.  It is hot here and fairly predictable weather.  The Kirkpatricks are here for the full two weeks as we are.  We had some complications at check in at our resort.  We had rented a two bedroom two bathroom sleeps 6 people from Interval International and it turns out that here at the West Sands the Family Suites only sleep 4.  This was a big problem because we had the Neufelds arriving on the 22nd.  So they moved us into a corner unit and it has a hide abed for the kids to sleep on.  The other problem is it does not have a dishwasher and a coffee maker and a laundry in unit as promised.  There are other inconsistencies with what we are supposed to have at this resort so I have left it is Intervals hands to figure out and to compensate us for, still waiting to hear from them.  It is fairly isolated here on the beach so we have been forced to relax by the pool and ocean and we have been doing school every day so things have worked out.

We went into Phuket Town once to get groceries and to shop a bit and will return tomorrow.  I did want to get a silk dress made but maybe I will save that for Bali.  The Thai food has been wonderful and we have been working out every day as well.

The Neufelds arrived yesterday and we all got together the 3 families that are travelling around the world and went out for supper at a cheap little side restaurant.  We all ate for very cheaply and will continue to until we get more groceries.  We will be pooling it and beaching it today once Darren wakes up.