Prague a Photographer’s Dream

posted Oct 19, 2010, 10:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 27, 2010, 6:57 AM ]

We picked the National Museum to filter through the next day.  It was Dax’s choice, the kid loves his museums.  It was a nice relaxing and learned 3 hours that day.  I saw the biggest rock collection on the planet me thinks, but it was actually more interesting than it sounds.  This place was humongous and grand with great halls and statues; it was built like a palace.  We walked all the way back over the river to the palace and yes the views were stunning.  The pollution is not great though in these former Eastern Block countries, so the views always seem to come with the smog.  Personally I liked the palace in Krakow better than the Prague palace but they are all so different and interesting.  Darren grew up in Germany so he was castled out when he was a child so he is quite jaded against this type of history.  I personally could visit a new castle every day and yearn for more.  Daxtin ( I am still crossing my fingers that he might have the history bug like I do) was pretty amazed taking about 100 pictures per day with his new camera.

Mamaison Riverside Hotel was directly on the river with great views and it is a ‘small luxury hotel of the world’.  It was very cute but the room was tiny and the morning coffee price was a very large.  The location was great though. One thing that surprised me was that our bellboy – Ondra said that you can drink the water right out of the tap and it was surprisingly good.
Prague is definitely a city that I will come back to.  3 days was not enough but adequate.  I had planned on doing a Bohemian crystal factory tour which is outside of Prague but the tour was only running one day that we were there and I missed out.  My hope was to buy some beautiful crystal wine glasses and ship them back to Canada but that didn’t happen so I guess I will have to come back and hopefully very soon.