Riad Fez our Oasis in the Desert

posted Oct 27, 2010, 5:46 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 22, 2010, 7:45 AM ]
After driving for 45 minutes we came to a dead end in the souk area of town.  We parked and were led down a labyrinth to our hotel.  Wow, I had read how beautiful Riad Fez is and it did not let us down.  It is an absolutely gorgeous hotel and oasis in the middle of this busy bustling and crowded world.  The tile and marble mosaics and fountains and architecture left us taking pictures with our mouth open and that was just in the inner courtyard.  This Riad Fez is truely a work of art.  It originally was a mansion of some very rich Moroccan family who had moved out of the Medina and decided to refurbish their old home which happens to be from the early 1300s and opened it up to let foreigners experience what a traditional Riad is.  We were greeted by sweetened mint tea from fresh mint in beautiful little silver teapots; it was really addictive.  Riad Fez is a thing of beauty.  The carved plasters and marble and hand done mosaics are so beautiful that this place could be a museum or an art gallery.  Their dining room opens at 8 pm which is very much like the Greeks and Mexicans.  I don’t get it because I just heard the call to prayer and that was at 5:00 am, so maybe the Moroccans are nappers like the Mexicans?  It turns out that they are, they close down their shops around 12 noon and go home for a nap.

On the drive from the airport to our Riad I had spotted only two women on the streets without the scarf or head gear as I like to call it.  Also with that come the long sleeves and only feet showing.  It was 25 degrees Celsius when we landed at 6:20 pm so Nadine is not going to be a happy camper in the clothes department.  The good news is I did not see even one man with shorts on so personally I think Darren should wear pants as well, don’t you?