San Telmo – not quite

posted Mar 11, 2011, 4:28 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 6:06 AM ]

Darren decided to stay home today and the girls and Dax and I set out for the barrio of San Telmo and we never quite made it.  We stopped for a drink and the girls had an empanada which was not that great.  I had a glass of vino blanca and it also was not great.  White wines are not what Argentina is well known for so I was not that surprised.

We walked on Avenida De Mayo and came up to the Casa Rosada which is the government house where Eva Perron or Evita waved from the balcony to her adoring Argentineans.  ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’, I was breaking into song until my sisters told me to "shut the hell up".  That was fun while it lasted.  We semi toured the building and saw many pictures of the heroes of Latin America. 
We also saw many more beautiful buildings and avenues with statues and gardens and fountains.  Avenida De Julio is South America’s widest with 16 lanes.  The Plaza de Mayo led us towards the Church of San Francisco, which we walked around and I stopped to pray at.  We were in need of a beverage so we stopped at a restaurant called Cabildo.  We tried a Trepiche red and it was alright nothing to write home about.  I like a full bodied red so if it is not then to me it is not worth recommending.  Dax amused himself by trying hat tricks and then asking for money just like the juggler children in Buenos Aires.  Needless to say the little white boy did not get any money.  He then entertained himself by chasing pigeons.

We walked onto Florida Street which is a pedestrian street only and street vendors lay their stuff out in the middle of the street for viewing and buying.  Jackie again won here and bought some stuff.  We needed to eat supper so we stopped and found another disappointing restaurant.  I ordered Pollo el Limon (how bad could it be right?)  Well let me tell you.  The chicken was completely tasteless but tender and it had a funny looking bone that was sticking out that did not look bird-like, more cat like and on the other side of my plate I had about 3 large tomatoes cut up.  That was my meal, tasteless and no presentation again.  We decided that we had had enough of Argentinean cuisine and we went to the grocery store for supplies.  I volunteered to cook for the future.