posted Jan 18, 2011, 11:37 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Jan 21, 2011, 7:10 PM ]
No two places could be a larger juxtaposition than India and Singapore.  I  tknew this in advance and I believed that Singapore would be a much needed welcome change after India and I was correct.  Singapore is undoubtedly the cleanest place that I have ever been to.  It is lush and lovely and clean and compared to India it is heaven.  Singapore is also a little boring after coming from India.

We had some jetlag when we flew into Singapore due to the overnight flight.  So the first whole day was a right off.  I was also bagged due to being on my Mexican penicillinia and fighting the Indian infection in my elbow.  I monitored my elbow day by day and never did go to a hospital, but I could have easily in Singapore.  It is well known for having great medical care in Asia. 
The next day we toured around on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) or subway.  Later that night we went to the Night Zoo to experience nocturnal animals the animals that you never get to see at zoos or on safaris, like the leopard; we saw one and a clouded leopard as well.  They are beautiful animals but it is still a zoo and I end up feeling sorry for these animals and wonder to myself why humans are so cruel.  You take a train through the zoo and you get to see all of these animals while they are eating etc.  After the South African Safaris I think all zoos will be boring and not the same.   We also had our fish pedicure for 5 USD.  I was expecting schools of fish to eat away at my feet, but it is not like that.  They don’t give you a pedicure they just tickly your feet and by taking miniscule bites of dead skin off of your feet.  I could not tell after that they had done anything, so it is more for the experience. 
You have to take an expensive bus to and from the zoo so expect that in advance and you won’t be disappointed.

The next day we took it easy and went shopping at the Bugis Street Market.  I personally could have done this for about 3 hours but Darren and Dax get bored so we ended up shopping for only ½ hour and I picked up a long dress for the cruise in April.  This market is pretty crowded and hot but worth it.

Universal Studio was next on the agenda and this is out on Sentosa Island which you have to take the 3 dollar monorail to get to it.  Universal is small compared to what you would experience in Florida but we had fun.   We finally convinced Dax to go on the river water ride, he wouldn’t in Florida in September and I got completely soaked including everything in my purse.  It was so much fun.  The Monster Rock show in the Hollywood section was excellent, great singers.  I even went on a junior roller coaster which was out of my comfort zone.  Dax and Darren went on this ride 5 times.  My favourite was the Flyer and you get a chance to really feel like you are flying.  We stayed right until closing time and hardly anyone was left at Universal so we did this one 7 times in a row and we actually could have done it another 20 times.

We ate allot of Asian dishes and Asian soups at the food stops in the MRT where all of the locals eat.  It is cheap and good.  Singapore was more of a recovery stop from the chaos of India and we just wanted to do allot of resting and taking it easy.  Dax and I did school work by the pool and caught up because we were touring around India so much we did not get much done in the realm of school except for on the long van rides.  There is plenty of things to do in Singapore but Darren had already been here once with Microsoft and I am not really interested too much in the high cost commercialized things that you can do in Singapore.