Southern Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity Summit

posted Apr 9, 2011, 2:25 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 9, 2011, 5:22 PM ]

We caught our flight and had an uneventful 2 hour sojourn to San Juan on AA.  We collected our bags and I was so happy to see that all of ours made it.  I was having a little nightmare the night before that I would have nothing to wear on the cruise for the whole week but my clothes made it, yeh!

We decided to go directly to the cruise terminal.  It says on the Ship information provided that you should not proceed to the boat until after 2 pm.  It was only 11am so we really took a chance, but it paid off big time.  We dropped off our entire luggage ensemble with the men and they told us to get in the line up.  There were maybe only 25 people ahead of us.  At exactly 11:20 we started moving and providing our passports to check in and went through security and went and sat down on provided chairs.  We were only sitting for approximately 10 minutes and we proceeded to check in.  For those of you who have never cruised before it is just like checking into a hotel, only faster.  We got our keys and proceeded to get onto the boat.  Guess where we went first?  That’s right directly to the 10th floor buffet.  Our rooms were not going to be ready until 2:30 they said so we went to eat first and then check out the boat. 


Dax was only 5 ½ months old when he cruised last, so this was all new to him.  He was in such an awful mood that he almost did not make it.  We went to check out the Fun Factory, which is basically a kid’s camp.  Dax would be a Cadet.  He started to cheer up when he saw this place, thank God.  He normally is not a moody little shite but he was really lacking in sleep the last couple of nights.  He wanted to stay at the Fun Factory and believe me we also wanted him to stay, but they were not taking kids until later.  We ended up paying the 120 USD for the whole week and we could drop him off for as long or as little as we wanted.  They feed them, entertain them, give them snacks and all along they are making new friends.  Dax was so starved for child championship that the kid also wanted to do the slumber parties from 10 pm to 1 am.  We never let him do that though.  Our kid needs his sleep.

We heard the announcement that the rooms were ready, so we proceeded towards floor 2 or what I call Steerage.  This cruise we went for the ultra cheap deal just to save money.  We had an inside cabin and our little love seat made into a bed for Dax.  We also found out that there were two bunk beds that also came down over our queen bed.  Our suite could accommodate a family of 5 if it had to.  The bathroom was also not a bad size and the storage was really good so we could put all of our clothes away and our suitcases.  We explored some more and then went to our 6 pm dining seating.  We were table 440A on the 4th floor and right beside the window which was nice.  Coincidentally we were seated with another family of 3, two parents with a 7 year old girl also from Canada.  Ashley the little girl and Dax got to hang out at kid’s camp on a regular basis.  This 6 pm was the last dining that Dax ever made because in no way could we convince him to join us again, he was having too much fun with all of the kids.  There is a children’s menu at the formal dining but he was still not interested, he also needed the break from us and vice versa.

I bought the Captain’s wine package which is 3 really good bottles of wine of your choice from the wine menu for 129 USD.  It sounds like allot but I did have 3 really good wines for a decent price.  Darren indulged in his sparkling water which was only 5 USD for a large bottle of Pellegrino.  The meals were all spectacular and if you don’t like something then you send it back and they will bring you something else.  We had a real kidder of a waiter called Sukayadi from Bali.  Dave the other father at our table was joking about that he loves cheesecake and he could not decide so Sukayadi brought them all.  Dave ate them all too, it was so funny.  Sukayadi and I talked about Bali and how beautiful it is and where he was from which was only one hour away from Seminyak where we stayed.  He has a little 3 year old boy that he only sees every 6 months and I thought that this was so sad that he only gets to go home every 6 months and stay for one month at a time.  Sukayadi said that the ship is now his home and that he has a good job, he was such a sweety so I tipped him more at the end.  Our automatic tip charge per adult is 11.50 USD per day per person.  The stewards and the waiters and everyone do such a good job that you don’t even blink an eye.  Our steward Luciano was also amazing and he brought a Celebrity Cruise line kid’s white terry towel bathrobe for Daxtin to keep and take home.  It was a wonderful gift and it is hard to find a nice housecoat for Dax’s age and especially boys.  Back home in Canada Dax and I always hang out on the weekend mornings in our housecoats together so we really appreciated the nice gift.  Luciano also got an extra tip in the end.


We went to bed as early as we could this night to get Dax some sleep.  Darren made him have a nap before the Broadway show at 10:30 pm.  I also had to have a one hour nap just to make it up for this production.  It was definitely worth it, it was a great show and the singing and dancing was amazing.  Dax also loved it, Darren snuck out early to go and try and place in an Officer’s blackjack game.  He qualified and then lost out later.  He tried again and came in second.  If he would have won then this would have earned us a free trip to the bridge; this is something that I have always wanted to see.  With Dax’s Fun Factory package that we bought him, he gets to go on a tour of the Bridge and he personally does not even care if he sees it or not, where is the justice in the world?  Ha Ha