Spice Souks of Dubai

posted Jan 3, 2011, 2:24 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Jan 3, 2011, 3:04 AM ]
We were at the old souk area and the fabric souks and you can practically smell the spice souks from across the creek.  I personally would not call it a creak because it is quite wide and fast flowing.  On the fabric side Melissa and I bought great suits for our little boys.  Dax has some weddings to go to this year so I bought it a bit big so Oma will have to alter it a bit, but it is such a cute black pin striped suit that I had to buy it.  It was also long in the arms for my gorilla boy.  I got is for about 13 dollars USD so it was a steal.  Melissa bought 3 for Mason in different sizes.  It did not come with a shirt or tie so I will get Dax fitted for those in Thailand, when I go shopping for myself. 
We made our way to the creek/river to take a traditional Arab boat called an Abra across the river to the Spice Souk.  It costs one Dirham per adult and it was fun.  It has no railing just an elevated seat area on top of an old wooden boat.  They are not tippy so they are quite safe and we loved it.  We rolled the stroller on with the baby and he had fun as well.  There are a ton of these boats on the river and everyone takes them so the line can queue up quickly.  We only waited about one minute and we were on.  Just make a note from which station that you came so you can return to the same one or ask for help if you don’t know.

We finally arrived to the Spice Souk and it did smell great and if you want to buy spices this would be the place to buy them.  I however stocked up on spices in Malta for the trip.  The prices are decent in the spice souk and you can barter for better prices.  We liked the dealers in the spice souk, you could have fun with them and joke around and everyone wanted to know where we were from.  It was funny to see their faces when Melissa my sister in law would respond with Vietnam.  She is neither Vietnamese nor Canadian but British.  They do however live in Vietnam but they are not Vietnamese so this would always cause a good laugh from the spice dealers.  I did not buy spice nor did Melissa but we bought lots of terracotta foot scrubbers.  I was given one after a Hamman treatment in Morocco and it works great so I picked one up for my girlfriends and sisters and mom.  Kim and Melissa offered to take back my purchased goods when they come to Canada in July.  I can’t afford the weight in my luggage so I try to pawn off things to all of my family heading back to Canada.  I don’t have family until March so I will have to think of a better plan for all of my purchases in Asia.  I also bought some rock chocolate, or chocolate coated with a candy coating to look like different colors of rocks, it was a hit with everyone.