St. John, United States Virgin Islands

posted May 5, 2011, 6:50 AM by Darren Cannell
We took the car ferry from Red Hook ferry terminal in the eastern part of St. Thomas to Cruz Bay terminal in St. John.  No reservation is required; you just drive on and pay your 45 dollar return trip.  You also need to pay 3 dollars per car to get into the terminal area.  The trip takes approximately 20 minutes to get to St. John.  You can also take a passenger ferry which is what most cruisers would take, but then you don’t have the luxury of having your own car to explore the lovely island of St. John.

We drove around the tight road spaces of Cruz Bay where their many shops and restaurants.  There is a beach there as well but we were not interested in that.  We wanted to check out the views and Trunk Bay mostly.  We drove around in the inland areas where you can stop and get great pictures of the views that St. John is full of.  We finally made our way to Maho Bay area where there is a development called Peter’s Bay Estates. 


If I win the lottery I could be inspired to buy one of these homes.  Their views are incredible with some of the best views that I have ever seen in the world.  I stopped and got out of the car near an estate called Coco de Mer to take some pictures of the views.  I later went to a website where you can rent Coco de Mer and it is mere 17,000 per week at Christmas time.  Maybe when I am a rock star I would be able to afford this rental.
We drove on westerly towards Trunk Bay.  The roads are hairpin and up and down and quite a little ride around this area.  We spotted a deer in the bush and then another one a mile or so down closer to Trunk Bay.  Trunk Bay is managed by the government and it also carries a charge of 4 USD per adult.  Trunk Bay has an underwater snorkelling trail and a life guard.  Trunk Bay Beach is commonly mentioned in the top ten beaches in the world as well. 
I found it much prettier than Magens Bay Beach but it was not near as pretty as Lighthouse Beach on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas.  At Trunk Bay Beach the water is more turquoise in color and the sand is much whiter than Magens Bay Beach.  But it is still a fairly narrow strip of sand and I like an expansive and wide beach so you can appreciate its beauty.  We hung out at Trunk Bay for a few hours; Dax played in the sand and made dry sand dunes instead of wet sand castles.  He is a bit stubborn and odd sometimes.  The sand was very pretty and there are no waves on Trunk Bay it is just calm Caribbean waters that are clear and pretty.  There were many cruisers here you can tell by their beach towels.  They have to leave fairly early to catch a taxi back to Cruz Bay and then a passenger ferry back to St. Thomas in order to catch their boat.  We had the luxury of leaving when we wanted.  We leisurely got changed in the shower stall area and loaded into the car. 
We drove back to Cruz Bay and found the car ferry terminal.  We had about a ½ hour wait before it left; they leave every hour.  We produced our return ticket and the ferry sailed off for St. Thomas.  Darren fell asleep in the car and Dax and I went to the small passenger lounge balcony up above and watched as we got closer to St. Thomas.  From Red Hook car ferry terminal to the Marriott is about a ½ hour drive and by the time we got back we were bagged.  We made supper and stayed in and watched tv and we also caught the Carnival Liberty sailing out as well.  I don’t think I will ever grow tired of watching cruise ships sail out to sea, there is something so romantic and adventurous about it.

St. John, USVI