The Island of St. Kitt’s

posted Apr 9, 2011, 2:29 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 9, 2011, 5:15 PM ]
St. Kitt’s is very pretty from the boat just like St. Croix was.  The thing we noticed about St. Kitt’s right away is that they have a more aggressive sales pitch.  The Crucians (people of St. Croix) did not seem interested enough for us to make a purchase and the St. Kitt’s people were all over us.  This tends to turn many people off including us.  We are returning for 11 nights to this island this month but we will be flying in and renting a car so it will hopefully be a different scene for us then.  The cruise terminal was set up properly for tourism.  There was music playing and traditional dance, which gives you a feel for the island.  We just wanted to taste the island to give us some idea what the people were like.  We did not even leave the extremely large cruise mall terminal area, we did not need to.  I personally liked what I saw, lots of hills and mountains and some very lush areas.  The buildings were all different colors which gives it a very Caribbean feel.  The water was very pretty and blue.  St. Kitt’s is not well known for beaches but for other things like hiking and rainforest and they have an old scenic railway that use to carry sugar cane and now it carries tourists.  We actually can’t wait to return here in approximately 3 weeks.
We came back onto the boat and did our usual of relaxing and reading.  Darren usually picks the louder areas of the boat with live music playing and I tend to stick to the quieter areas of the boat where people lounge and relax close to the spa area.  We went to supper and then to a stand up comedian – Fred Klett who was extremely funny and Darren and I laughed our butts off for one hour; he may be the best comedian I have ever seen.  We then went to collect our son, who still did not want to come with us, but we forced him too so he could get some sleep.