The Train to Budapest, Hungary

posted Oct 19, 2010, 10:42 PM by Unknown user
We took a train from Prague to Budapest and we should have bought the 1st class ticket because we were crammed into a cabin with 3 other people for 7 hours.  It could have been a pleasant journey in the 1st class cabin but in 2nd class you are always fighting for leg room because you are facing a total stranger who does not speak your language and trying to decide which side to put your long legs on.  We happened to be with two Hungarian lovers and had to witness them all over each other for 7 hours.  If I knew how to say ‘Get a room’ in Hungarian then I would have.  One nice thing was that there weren’t any connections and the Hungarian trains announce in English the names of the different stops so it is much less stressful than the Polish Nightmare train system.