Tobago – Caribbean or South American????

posted Apr 9, 2011, 2:41 PM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 9, 2011, 5:46 PM ]
This island really needs to pick up their pace if they want to become a serious tourist destination.  From the port of Scarborough it does not look like much and they really are not set up for cruisers.  Most people were back on board within an hour or two. 


The taxi drivers were very pushy and that is not endearing at all.  Tobago some may consider to be more South America due to its closeness to the continent.  We walked around for an hour to see what they had to offer but I was even having a hard time taking photos, there just was not much to take a picture of.  We could have taken a taxi to the beach or to the Fort but we have seen so many of both already and we just wanted to get back on the boat and relax.  I ran into a man in the elevator while back on board and he said that they took a taxi to Pigeon Point which is a beautiful beach, so we missed that.  We really did not give this island a chance to shine but if Darren had his way he would not even get off the boat in all of these ports, his preference is to stay on the boat at all times.  Darren was always joking that he was getting the shakes because he was too far away from the buffet line, hah.  The average cruiser in my opinion is over 55 and overweight and you know that many of these people actually do not leave the buffet line which kind of sickens me.  The average weight gain for me is 3 – 4 pounds on any given cruise but I am sure that many people gain 15-20 pounds because they seriously do not stop eating and drinking alcohol.  Just to give you some interesting little facts about the Heartbeat of the Operation of the Galley - on an average day at sea they prepare over 13,000 dishes for crew and guests.  In any given 7 day cruise the ship will go through over 9000 pounds of beef, 19,000 pounds of fresh vegetables 3600 eggs, 825 pounds of lobster 7,000 pounds of potatoes, over 48,000 litres of milk, 3500 pounds of sugar, 9,250 bottles of wine and 9,000 bottles of beer.  I just wanted to give you some factual numbers of certain products just to show you to what degree I am talking about.  It is rather obscene isn't it?
Well we finished our last meal and our last entertainment show and we had to put our luggage outside our cabin by 11 pm to be collected during the night.  We had a 8 am meeting call to our station to deboard so we got up at 6 am and had our last breakfast and left the ship, grabbed our luggage and caught a cab to our post cruise hotel.  The disembarkation process is seamless and painless, you don't want to leave your new floating home but you are quite sick of food by this point.  I ate lobster on Formal night but I don't even really love it, I ate cheesecake every night and I don't need another peice for quite a while; however, I am going to miss the freshly made waffles, with berries and whip cream, noone makes them like Celebrity.

Tabago, Caribbean