Tuk Tuk Ride - Agra, India

posted Jan 8, 2011, 7:44 AM by Darren Cannell
After the Red Fort we were deposited back at our hotel for the rest of the day.  The driver offered to take us somewhere but we are use to exploring on our own so we set off down the main road where we had quite allot of fun.  The people were very friendly and always said hello to us and asked where we were from.  Apparently White people do not walk in India because we were quite an oddity, but this way you get to learn more about the people.  All along the way Tuk Tuk and taxi drivers were following us trying to get our commission and found it unbelievable that we actually wanted to walk through all of this chaos. The children get quite excited practicing their English which is way better than my Indian (I am pathetically unilingual).  There are dogs everywhere and one in particular was quite excited to see us.  He was the first one I had seen with a collar so he obviously belonged to someone.  He had just chased 3 cows out of his area on the road and I thought that he was going to be aggressive to us but it was the opposite he acted like he was dying for affection and so we gave him some.
We finally made it to a department styled store to check out and we bought socks because we did not pack enough and we are in hotels for a while without our own laundry.  I tried on some Indian style clothes that I loved but they did not fit and I was determined to get something.  We moved onto a mall which was barely occupied by tenants and we did not find anything to buy here either.  I need to go to a market so I can barter.  We were relentlessly hounded by one Tuk Tuk driver on the way out of the mall and Dax wanted a ride back to the hotel and he said 20 rupees for all 3 of us, which I thought was suspiciously cheap.  My spidy senses were correct and he drove us past the hotel to his Uncle’s shop of handicrafts.  We were not impressed and did not go in (after telling him we had no interest in going in) so we crossed the busy road and walked back to the hotel which was not far.  We actually went into the shopping arcade in the hotel complex which is usually somewhere that I would avoid but the prices were reasonable and I bought some silk shirts for work to wear under my suits.  They were all made on site and were only 13 dollars each - CHA-CHING.