Waking up on Eleuthera Island to the Gorgeous Views

posted Mar 28, 2011, 9:22 AM by Darren Cannell   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 6:33 AM ]
Wow.  We are surrounded by turquoise waters.  When I look out my two patio doors there is the turquoise colored Marina waters and beyond the other side of the Marina is the turquoise colors of the Caribbean. 
When I look out my glass back door I see the other side of the Caribbean turquoise waters.  Cape Eleuthera is on a spit of land and it is very beautiful.  When we checked in last night it was dark and all we really got to see was that our two story townhouse was the nicest place yet that we had ever been to. 
It is large with a gourmet kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a huge balcony off of the master and a large terrace off of the living room, in suite laundry and enough granite in the kitchen roughly about 30 feet of it to choke a horse.  I love it here. 

When I opened up the plantation shutters and the drapes I quickly fell in love with the views.  Having coffee on my terrace or balcony with such amazing views you don’t even want to read the paper.

We went for a walk to see the 3 beaches that this Cape has.  We found two and they are delightful with the clear shallow and calm waters of the Bahamas. 


We went over land through all of the scrub brush towards the second beach and I would love to have a house on this beach but I don’t have enough money.  The owner of this Cape is the Amway family and the building appears to have stalled; my guess is he is asking too much.  In our resort there are 19 townhouses and we did not hear the bang bang banging of hammers or anything so that tells me that he is done building for a while. 
When we made it back to our townhouse which was two and a half hours later we checked out our Marina.  I was inside preparing lunch and Darren yelled to me to come out because there was a large nurse shark peacefully making his or her way around the Marina. 
Philip an American boy that lives down here let us in on all of the information vital to tourists; he heard how excited we were about the Nurse shark.  Darren and I had a nurse shark in our arms before in Cancun so this guy did not bother us.  Philip started to tell us the info; for examples don’t swim in the Marina because there are bull sharks.  He told us about feeding time for the sharks is when the fishermen come in and clean their fish and throw the remains into the water.  The bull sharks go nuts. 
A fisherman came in on a big yacht and he was a crew hand and he had to clean many snapper fish and tuna.  The sharks start coming from just the smell, they are kind of like dogs really just uglier and much more deadly.  We counted two bull sharks and 11 nurse sharks.  The nurse sharks are there just for fun I guess because they are never fast enough to get any fish.  It was all very ewing and ahing because the sharks will collide in their frenzy to eat.  We watched this free show for over two hours off of our front door step.  (I had shark nightmares all night by the way).  Many people would come to watch the entertainment and we ran into a huge family from Calgary and they told us that there was a family from Saskatoon that were on one of the boats docked in the Marina.  We later met them and her name was Jessica (she use to be a singer and had a career and also she said that her billboard was up for some commercial in Saskatoon) She did look familiar.  We met her husband and her 3 kids and their nanny.  They were all really nice people and we enjoyed talking with them.  Our next door neighbours are from Germany and they are posted in Washington DC at the German Embassy.  They have a little boy called Jacob and they are super nice too.  It really is a lovely little community where everyone talks to everyone and everyone waves to you as you drive by.  The Bahamian people have been really nice in helping with directions and they are super friendly. 
We stayed outside watching the sun go down on our chaise lounges right on the Marina and met another guy from Arkansas called Sonny.  We had a great day and did not want to come inside but our stomachs were saying differently.  I came in and made a pasta dish and then I went to bed at 10:30.  Too bad I did not go in earlier because I did not know that the no seeums were biting me.  I had about 30 bites the next morning to deal with.