Ameristar Apartments – Santiago, Chile

posted Mar 18, 2011, 4:21 PM by Darren Cannell
We booked this place off of for 125.00 per night, but if you pay before a certain date you can get an extra 15% off.  We did this through a gentleman by email and his name is Nicholas Prewitt.  This guy is a gem and very friendly and helpful.  The check in is very hard to find in this building because it is on the second floor room 209 of tower C.  It is a tiny check in and it has 3 computers for personal use.  I was not getting a good feeling because the check in was the size of my bathroom and the apartments are not much bigger.  Through good photography the rooms are made to look much larger but our one bedroom ended up being ok.  We had a closet for a washing machine and dryer hook up but the closet was empty so that was disappointing but if you go over to the other tower building on the 22nd floor and walk up one level there is token operated very clean and efficient laundry for patron use.  This is a mixed rental and ownership set of multi towers and the layout is confusing to say the least.

The kitchen was adequate but not well stocked with dishes or cutlery, so don’t plan on cooking allot.  The flat screen is in the bedroom and not the living room which I thought was strange.  The drapes are a disgrace and do not even fit the windows.  There are no blinds to block the sunlight and there is no air-conditioning, but you can open the windows which does help.  There is a futon in the living room and the bathroom was very tiny with a tub that you had to scrunch up in.  We had a walk in closet which helped with our luggage to store because otherwise the bedroom is just a bed and two side tables with not any room to spare.

My sister’s two bedroom apartment was not much bigger.  Their bathroom was larger and their second bedroom was miniscule with bunk beds that you would bang your head on the light if you slept on the top bunk.  This light was not working and so there was no light in her room.  Her closet could not be opened on the one side due to the bunk bed being in the way.  This room really should only be a den with a desk.  They had no storage and their kitchen had a strange layout.  Their room was filthy and their flat screen which was in one of the bedrooms was only hanging on by a screw, so they marched downstairs to tell them about the filth and the flat screen and the light and there were not any towels either.  They did fix everything the next day but when Jackie went to bed that night she realized that her sheets were not changed either because there was 700 pesos in her bed, who knows why?  They came in and cleaned again but not really well.  They are getting a 20% cash back to satisfy them which is good.
There is a large and well stocked grocery store next door and this apartment is in a great area of beautiful buildings.  There is also a fitness centre and a indoor pool on the 18th floor of tower A and there is some outdoor space to sun in.