Aphrodite Hills- Paphos, Cyprus

posted Dec 2, 2010, 12:31 AM by Unknown user
I hit a home run with this property and bought a Getaway for a week for under $800.00 from my timeshare company Interval International.  I thought that we were going to get your usual apartment style unit but we actually ended up with a whole villa.  We had 3 levels of sun terraces and a great roof-top terrace to watch the sunsets and it had a great view of the Mediterranean Sea.  We also had a private pool but it was too cold to swim in because they don’t heat their pools.  The kitchen was wonderful and the whole unit was very stylish and comfortable.  The landscaping in the front and back yard was superb and there was always a new smell each morning with different blooming shrubs and bushes.  Two complaints would be that you have to pre-heat your water for a bath or shower, you just flick a switch but you have to remember to do this ½ hour before you want to bathe.  The other complaint was that it was a beautiful place but it only had about a 17 inch TV and only one in the living room.  When my son wants to watch cartoons then I would like to watch the news, it is not possible with just one TV.  All in all we really, really enjoyed ourselves at this place.  Outside of our villa is a beautiful resort and development that is Aphrodite Hills, with restaurants and an Intercontinental Hotel, private homes, golf course, small grocery store etc.  We will definitely return to this property.  We had amazing weather every day.  I would wake up to 7 am weather and be sitting in the sunshine by 7:30 am and it was beautiful and warm to suntan and then by 4:30 the sun is down and it gets cool.  This was in November so that was grand.  We also had our own laundry room in suite.

Two downers for us for this property was that internet was not free in the rooms but you could rent a Vodofone stick for 60 Euros for the week.  The other downer was that you had to pay to work out at the spa which this should be free for guests.