Coral Coast Palm Cove Accor Apartments – Palm Cove, Cairns Australia

posted Feb 23, 2011, 1:47 AM by Darren Cannell
This is another timeshare exchange for us.  I traded one of my units for this and I did well.  It is only a one bedroom unit but I wanted to get into this area of Australia where we had never been before.  Palm Cove is about a 20 minute drive from the Cairns airport and this place is fairly easy to find.  It is a small apartment building with a quaint little outdoor reception area which is on the main floor and there are no walls surrounding the reception.  Pam who works the front desk is ever so helpful with booking trips and just general information like which Aussie wine to drink etc.  Our apartment comes with a full kitchen minus the oven but it is well stocked and you can cook most things.  We have a large living room and dining area and a walk out terrace to our own semi private sitting area with table and chairs.  We have two TVs and a laundry area with both a washing machine and a separate dryer with a laundry sink.  There is a private bedroom with glass sliding doors and a walk through bathroom accessible from the hallway and the bedroom.  We have a nice sized bathroom with a comfortable bathtub and a separate shower.  There is a hide abed to sleep our son as well.  There is a pool outside to cool off in.

There is a sports recreation centre with a work out centre and a convenience store about a 5 minute walk away.  The Cole’s grocery store is about a 5 minute drive away and Liquor Land is in the same mini mall.

The internet is not bad.  We bought a 90 dollar package for the week and Darren did not read the fine print of maximum 700 megabytes.  We used it up in 1 ½ days which is a pretty expensive internet usage fee.