Herold’s Bay Luxury Apartments – Herold’s Bay, South Africa

posted Dec 14, 2010, 9:50 PM by Darren Cannell
This was a great little property about 150 metres from the beach of Herold’s Bay.  The beach was beautiful and large.  I got this one bedroom condo for about 110 CND from Orbitz.com.  This property has a pool deck area with pool.  The property is built into the side of a hill and has free parking at whatever floor level that you are staying at, which I have never experienced before.  The apartments are very well decorated with great appliances.  We rented a one bedroom apartment and they set up a cot for Daxtin to sleep on.  We also had two bathrooms which was a bonus.  We had a lovely and large balcony overlooking the hills with very large summer homes.  There is a small confectionary store 20 yards from the hotel but there is only a full service grocery store in George which takes 10-15 minutes to drive to.  There is no fitness club and no complimentary internet.