Novotel Bali Nusa Dua - Bali, Indonesia

posted Jan 29, 2011, 2:41 AM by Darren Cannell
This timeshare/hotel is in the exclusive area of Nusa Dua and the grounds and area of Nusa Dua are very pretty and clean.  The taxi ride was only 90,000 IDR for the 3 of us to this resort.  It is very Balinese looking which is great, lots of fountains and garden statues and a lower and upper pool.  The reception area is beautiful with an open air concept and the check in is a pleasant experience.  We were driven to our room in the Sapphire building, which is convenient to everything.  I exchanged my two bedroom unit for this one bedroom unit because the Interval International agent said that Bali units rarely come available.  For a one bedroom unit it is large with nice Balinese double doors in and great lighting.  We have a large balcony and one bathroom with the two doors out which makes it more convenient.  The one disappointing thing is there is no bathtub and Interval printed that there would be.  I have personally never stayed at a timeshare when there was only a shower.  The relaxing peaceful and spa like existence that this resort was trying to create was mastered outside our room but without a tub and only a shower, this was really a mistake by these developers.  Even though there is a bathroom without a bathtub the bathroom is one of the largest of any timeshare.  It has the laundry area right in the bathroom.
There is only weekly cleaning service of your room and mid week towel change, so if you are one that needs your bed made every day then you will have to pay for it.  The resort is clean and the room is clean and other than the gecko running out of the hide abed once I was trying to pull it out the room is very satisfactory.  Geckos are all over the resort and the way I look at it they eat bugs so that is a good thing.  Our room is musty which is bad for my asthma but any room can be musty if one leaves the door open and the air conditioning on the result is musty smell.
There is a restaurant on site and a bar.  The bar is overpriced but the restaurant was decent.  The spa had some decent prices for Bali and I may check that out more.  There is a convenience store to pick up things like water and some food items.  An ATM is also on site.  There is a coffee shop as well with pastry items.
The internet in your room is 15 USD per day but there is a fitness area which I will check out on Monday.  I could really get into yoga but you have to pay for that service.  There is a full program for adults and children so you don’t have to be bored here.  If you google this resort it appears that you are on the beach but you are not you have to shuttle down to the beach and that shuttle is a free service.